A B C Solution for Worry

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'Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat’ or about your body, what you will wear.” '  Luke 12:22

I awakened early this morning with my heart beating faster than normal and pounding a bit.  I always find this disconcerting.

I went back to sleep and when I awoke later, it was pounding a bit harder.  The rate wasn’t terribly fast, but it was fast for me, as I have a pretty low heart rate.

I immediately began to focus completely on what was going on inside my body and all the resulting worries - which in turn makes it worse, as the adrenaline kicks in.

There were a few other symptoms that arose, and I’m glad I have a G.P. appointment in the morning.  But somehow, I couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feelings as to whether or not this was serious, or if it wasn’t, could become something serious soon.

To try to get my mind off it all, I went to my morning devotional time.

I’ve decided to try to start my days with Oswald Chamber’s devotionals this year.  I went to today’s writings and was pretty amazed by the words.  I know the above verse, but I never had “seen” the portion of it that reached out to me this morning.

The “or about your body” part hit me between the eyes.

Now, I know I can’t ignore my body’s signals.

But I can also acknowledge my fears (yes, that is what they are - worry is just a way to make fear sound nicer), make sure I reconnect with God and talk about the fears.  Then let go and quit dwelling on it.

I know I only make things worse.  I dwell on whatever is happening.  I become hyper-aware of every little twinge in my body.  My focus becomes more and more inward - and I lose sight of God completely.

So, I will do the appropriate things.  See my doc tomorrow (sooner if it truly gets worse), eat the way I should, take it easy, and relax in the fact that God is handling this for me and with me.

I guess I see my word-for-the-year, “simplify,” come into play.  This is a simple way of managing my fears.

Acknowledge them,

Bring them to God,

Care for the things that need addressing.

And the most important?

Depend on God to do the rest.

See? Simple as A B C (D)!

Happy second day of the new year!

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