A Fervent Prayer to Remember Who I Am in Christ

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Lord God,

Thank You that through the sacrifice of Your Son, I have been equipped with every spiritual blessing. Thank You that, before the foundation of the world, I was chosen. I am seen as holy and blameless before You.  I was adopted through the kind intention of Your will.  I am redeemed and forgiven. I am the recipient of a glorious inheritance, and I am secured forever by the Holy Spirit.

I pray I receive a spirit of wisdom from You.  That I be enlightened, so as to grasp the hope of Your calling  Help me to know the surpassing greatness of Your power.  Help me to begin to comprehend that you have plucked me out of darkness and placed me in Your light  and given me new life.

A new life as the adopted daughter the living God. Bathe me in Your truth, open my eyes that I may see the truth of who I really am  Open my eyes, that I may see who I am in You.  Make me aware of all the resources, strength, and protection You have already given to me.

I am Yours … and You are mine.

Thank You for saving me, for the grace lavished upon me, with love.  Thank You that you have given me the right to be a child of the most high God, because I believe in the name of Jesus - Yeshua.

Thank You that You are my Abba, Father! And thank You that I am Your much-loved child.  

Amen and amen,

So be it, Lord!

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