A Master Carver at Work


Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right. 1 Peter 4:19 (NASB) 

I’ve heard of our lives being compared to a spiral … what we miss the first time around - will come around again … and again … if we need it.

This is just my own opinion, but I see that as the way God works in our lives.

First time around - we might hit the big stuff - learning of God - Christ.  Learning about Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Then we might take a second go-round.  We might learn more about how personal a relationship we can have.  We learn of our forgiveness in God’s eyes.

I feel as if I have gone round this spiral many, many times.

And, each time I do - I learn something new.

The lessons get harder and harder - yet easier at the same time.

I’ve been down that path before.  I know how not changing affects me.  I see the value in the lesson.

Some lessons that I’m learning now are lessons I would not have been capable of even understanding before.

I’ve likened it to a statue being carved.

The master carver sees something inside the stone - or piece of wood - that no one else can see.

Yet, he knows it is there.

The big gouges come away first.  

Areas that are completely unnecessary.

But soon, a need for more careful carving appears.

Maybe a finer chisel is used, chip chip chipping away until there is a rough form that might be recognizable to others.

Yet, this is not enough for the master carver.  He knows of the beauty that will be revealed if he keeps working.

Perhaps sandpaper is used - a very coarse grain at first - still uncovering more and more of what is inside. The beauty begins to be revealed.

Finally, the finest of sandpaper is used - making sure each defect and imperfection is eradicated - and the master carver’s dream is revealed.

Yet, how long each stage takes.  Some, longer than others. 

It is a process.

That is how I view my own life.

It hurts to have areas that were once accustomed to removed - but the Master Carver knows they need to go before the beauty of His creation is revealed.

So, I continue on with this spiraling life.

Round and round I go - sometimes discouraged - sometimes uplifted - yet always growing - being refined.

Until the beauty He sees in me, though unseeable by myself, is revealed.

It is my belief He is doing the same for each of You.

Each loss, each area gouged or chipped away are areas that must be taken away for the true you to be revealed.

I wonder how quickly we’d move around that spiral if we could see the end result.  If we were able to see free to usethe beauty He sees in us.

Yet, we need to wait for that, in faith - entrusting our souls to our faithful creator who will do what is right for each of us, remembering at all times,

that this life is our temporary home.

We are being prepared for the life we will live with Him.

Holy, blameless, and pure.

Just picture it.

Then give thanks.

 © deni weber 2010-2015