According to His Love

Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me, for you, Lord, are good.  Psalm 25:7

Sometimes, when I read verses from the Old Testament such as this one, I tend to read over it quickly and not give it much thought.  After all, we have Christ who died for our sins ... we don't need to plead with God not to remember our sins.  

When reading this today, I realized just how much this says about God.  I guess somewhere in my background there is still the nagging "fire and brimstone" aspect of God.  The closer I looked at this verse, the more it spoke to me.

David is asking God to remember him in a manner that is consistent with who God is.  He is asking him to forget the things in David's past that were ... well - less than savory.  He is asking God to remember him through the filter of God's love.

It caused me to think about the times I dredge up the bad things about myself and others.  I am so prone to remember the bad things, the rebellious things ... I don't use that filter of love.

If we, as God's children, are looked at through love, it seems reasonable that should be a model for us.

Viewing ourselves through that filter.  Viewing others through that filter.  Looking to the good - and forgetting the bad.

It is so easy for me to dwell on the bad - in myself and others.

How hard it can be to realize that God views me with love - because He is love.

When I think about being that loved - that all the bad is forgotten - it gives me a new depth to the meaning of being God's child.

A well-loved child.

Today, I desperately need to feel that love.  I need to know He cares. I need to know that when I run to Him, it is love that I will find.

This little verse, tucked away in a Psalm, is so easily overlooked!  But the power of God's love that shines forth brilliantly from it.

Our illnesses can damage our spirits as well as our bodies.  Today I would encourage you to take heart.  Even though so many negatives surround us - we can focus on God's love - because He is good.

We can walk in love - even if our transportation is a wheelchair.

Father God, Thank you for the continual reminders of Your love.  Help us to focus on the good - the same way You do.  Help us to know and feel that love today.  Amen and amen.


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