Alone With Him

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

This is far more personal than anything I have ever shared on this blog. I'm somewhat embarrassed to write it here, but I keep getting the feeling I need to do so.  

I know many folks feel God is far away from them.  

This is how I found myself growing ever closer to God. If it is offensive for any reason, I apologize in advance.

Each morning I turn on my music to a specific play list including "Your are my God" by Jonathan and Cindy Bernd, several different versions of "You Are My Hiding Place," one a beautiful guitar instrumental, and Joe Cocker's "You Are so Beautiful." I set this one on repeat.

Closing my eyes, I quiet my self. In my mind's eye, I see myself entering a house - similar to what I think a house would have looked like in Old Testament times.  It is a dimly lit room.  There is a small table next to an old ladder leading upwards. 

 In my imagination, I find myself removing my clothes, which have all my cares and worries attached to them, and stepping down into a small pool.

While in the pool, I think of the things I have done in the past 24 hours which were un-Christ-like.  I ask for forgiveness and dip down into the water.  Upon emerging from the pool, I feel imagine myself bathed with God's love.

 There are clothes hanging on a hook.  I put them on.  There is a  old-fashioned garment - and a head wrap similar to what I have seen was worn in Old Testament times.

I pick up the candle holder and begin to ascend the rickety stairs.  

I get a growing sense of anticipation.  My heart begins to smile.  I climb to the next floor.  The room is empty except for a small table - and an altar made of stones.  There is a rough hewn wooden cross on the wall across from the altar.  A single window lights the room.  There is a cool breeze and the sounds of a summer day floating inward.  

I place the candle on the small table and go to a chest in the corner of the room.  I wonder how I could not have noticed it before.  It is golden, and on it there is a herald of what I imagine the stones of the priests wore on its cover.  There is a heart shaped golden lock holding it closed.  I open the lock and open the chest. 

Inside there is an altar covering woven with purple and gold.  I take it out and place it on the altar.  Underneath is a large golden bowl.  I take the bowl and place it on the altar.  Two candlesticks lie underneath with candles tucked next to them. (These have significance somehow, I'm not really sure why they are in the imagery, but I go with it.)  I place them on the altar after lighting them from my small candle.  I hear music begin to place.  It is the music from "You Are My Hiding Place."  

I kneel at the altar and bow my head - clearing my mind of all thoughts but Christ. I sit silently - just being with Him - for I know He is there. I find praises coming from my lips. Praise for this day.  Praise for answered prayers. Praise because He is who He says He is.

This was the source of my anticipation. When the time is right, I begin to pray. I have a fairly extensive prayer list at my side that I am guided by.

When my prayers are finished. I sit quietly once again. I give my day to Him, share any thoughts I have - and listen. Somehow my imagery has melded with my music and Joe Cocker's "You are so beautiful" begins to play. I simply bath in His presence. I find I want to stay. Then, I carefully place everything  back in the chest, look around the room with a smile in my heart, and taking the candle - descend the stairs. As I walk out of the door, my clothing changes into a new set of clothing for today.  The cares and worries are left behind.  All things are new.

What a glorious experience!  Day after day I can meet Him.  Day after day I can ascend those stairs - knowing my Lord is waiting for me.  Day after day, I can sit, pray, and love Him.

All within the confines of my mind.

He is Lord.

How my attitude has changed since I have begun this. Yes, some days I don't feel like doing this. Yet, I always feel better. It has become a divine appointment for me. The sense of anticipation is beginning to mount knowing what will happen. I don't want to disappoint Him.  I don't want to disappoint ME. 

I know this is not for everyone, but I challenge you to find an intensely personal way to meet Jesus each day. It doesn't have to look anything at all like this. Perhaps you don't need to make an imaginary scenario. But - perhaps you do.

Find your way to Him …. today.

Father God, Thank You for the many ways you can manifest Yourself to us.  Help us to look to You daily - to spend time with You - to discipline ourselves to come to you in praise, sorrow, pain, and fear - knowing you will lift all of these from from our shoulders and replace them with your love.  Amen and amen.


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