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The First Born Child of Grace

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Last time I wrote about the challenge of living in the moment.

To be honest, it’s more difficult than I thought it would be.

I keep catching myself drifting (or crashing) into the future.

Or, I find myself thinking about the past: things I would have done differently, things I regret, and well … just things.

Over and over, I have to bring myself back to now.

I’ve taken to asking God to forgive me for trying to live in any other moment than the one He has given me and to help me focus on what is happening now.

Will I? … Will You?

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Over and over … now.

From my readings of Max Lucado (Great Day Every Day) to todays Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, to today’s Oswald Chambers Utmost for His Highest, to the Scripture that resonates in my head.

Live now.

This moment.


I write these words in my journal,

“Seeking my face yesterday doesn’t feed you today.”

We can’t store it up.  We can’t borrow it from tomorrow.

It all comes down to now.

I continue to write.

When God Uses a Pin

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I think I’ve pretty much always been competitive.

From an early age, I had a brother ten years older than I was, a sister who was seven years older, and a very artistic mom to compare myself to.

I always managed to fall short - never taking into account the age differences and learning time.

There aren’t many places where I feel I can compete with anyone these days, but I do find myself comparing my writing and my art to others.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness


There is no doubt about this at all.

I am resistant to change.

I’d like to think I go with the flow - but the truth is that I don’t.

I resist.  I stomp my feet.  I cry (perhaps inside my head), “NO!!!!”

Funny thing is I don’t like good changes either.  I’d much rather things just stay the way they are.  But, that doesn’t happen in life.

Life is all about change.  Big changes.  Little changes.

Some changes are milestone markers in our lives.  …

Giving and Getting


I like gifts.

I like giving gifts - especially when i find just the right one to suit the person - the one that will make them smile with delight.

And, truth be told, I like getting gifts.

I guess, if one is into the love languages deal, you could say that my love language is giving … and getting … gifts.

One of the things that is absent from my life, with my husband having passed away over a year-and-a-half ago, is using that love language.  …

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