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Because He First Loved Us

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We love Him because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19

I love and hate those “duh” moments at the same time.

You see - I’m a doer.  Type A personality all the way.  Throw in an (un)healthy dose of perfectionism and you understand a lot about me.  (An A-  in grad school was as bad as failing to me.  I guess it WAS failing to me.)

Today - I had a revelation that feels like it has changed my world. Yet, it’s been in right in front of me all along

Let God Fill in the Blanks

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A friend of mine said that to me the other day.

The reason?

I’ve made the decision that I can no longer homeschool my 13-year-old daughter and I need to put her back into traditional school.

For reasons I won’t go into now, I’m rebelling at the thought of our local middle school being “home” to her for the next two years.

So, I’ve put in an application for a small Christian Academy near out home.

The problem?

They have no bus service and as of now, we have no means of transportation.

Do Not Fret

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I’ve recently read about the concept of “slow blogging.”  Jumping off the treadmill and posting when you have something to say.

Makes sense.

I realize I’ve already taken that jump - out of necessity.

But somehow it gave me permission to do so, as I read of others who can’t keep up the pace of everyday blogging.  My hat is off to many of my favorite bloggers who have managed to do so - and who have sent out quality work every day.  …

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