As Easy As A B C

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I love reading books by Max Lucado.  But as my ability to read seems to decline, I am using more audiobooks.  I recently listened to his newest book, “Before Amen” and it’s companion “Pocket Prayers.”

One of the chapters grabbed me and won’t let go.  Max talks about our being thankful - and he does it in an unusual way.  He goes through the alphabet as his guide.

I know I sometimes get “lost” in things to express my gratitude for - but I really like this idea and decided to come up with my own ABC list.  I’d encourage you to try yourself.  Our attitude certainly changes in proportion to our gratitude.

So, for me … here goes.

A - I’m grateful for apples.  Actually, I’d grateful that I found out that due to a digestive disorder, I shouldn’t eat apples - which were a staple in my diet - but were giving me a lot of pain.

B - Belle.  I’m grateful for the new kitten I didn’t expect to own.  

C - Computers!!!  I am so grateful for this tool.

D - Dylusions Ink.  An art product that I can use bedside that produces beautiful colors.

E - Energy.  I’m so grateful when I have the energy to do things I love.

F -  Flowers.  I LOVE flowers.

G - Grapes.  Green grapes to be exact - They are a fruit I can eat painlessly.

H - I have to copy Max here - Heaven.  I am so grateful for that future home.

I - Interests.  As I started Pinterest I realize I have so many interests I didn’t even realize!

J - Jehovah-Jireh.  I love the Old Testament names for God - and this one gives me hope.  The God who provides.

K - Kittens.  Yep - kind of a repeat - but we have TWO kitties - sisters - that I’ve fallen in love with when I thought my heart was closed.

L - Lights.  Lights of all kinds.  Candles, Christmas tree lights - the lights at a county fair.  Yes, I LOVE lights.

M - I’m grateful for my mom.  She gave a lot to me before she died.  Although gone almost a year now - I love her and miss her.

N - “Nana.” The name my grandkids call me.  I’m grateful for being a Nana at all.

O - Origami.  I’ve found that ages old tradition calms me, quiets me - helps me when I hurt.  I’m aiming for 1,000 cranes.

P - My pillows.  I’m grateful for the soft pillows that cradle my body when I hurt and can’t sleep.

Q - Questions.  This seems odd - but I realize that I get such joy when I find answers to my questions in God’s Word.

R - Rest.  I am learning to love my quiet times and times I can rest in my God.

S - Sunshine.  It feeds my soul.

T - Time.  I am learning to be grateful for each moment.

U - Understanding.  I’m grateful for those that understand me - and that my experiences help me to understand others.

V - Verizon … lol - my phone company.  I stay in touch with others via messages when I’m not even up to talking.

W - Wisdom and Words.  I am grateful for the wisdom of God’s Word.

X - All the “extra” blessings God is showing me.

Y - Yeshua.  His ancient name.

Z - Zealousness.  I am grateful for all those who are zealous for God and share via online where I can learn and grow.

Those are my ABC’s for today?

What are yours?

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