Awake My Soul!

A very sweet friend of mine passed this video  “Awake My Soul” along to me.  Perhaps you have already seen it.

I found myself with tears in my eyes as I listened.  The speaker’s voice (who I found out is David Teems), the video itself, the music, and the words were so comforting.  I watched it al least three times.

Then, I watched it again, piece-by-piece and  searched out the Scriptures that were quoted.  I’m not sure what version of the Bible was used - and in a few places it seems translated and there are some shortened passages.

But, it is an amazing work that I truly want to share with you all

I’ve written out the words and if you’d like to look at them, or download them, you can find them in a PDF HERE.

I’ll be sharing a bit more tomorrow (if at all possible) as to how and what came to mind as I listened and relistened to this amazing piece.  



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