Can You Believe It?


What then? If some did not believe, their unbelief will not nullify the faithfulness of God, will it? Romans 3:3

Every once in a while I run across something that just leaves me speechless.  While on the surface this appears to have little to do with chronic conditions, it seems to me that for those of us who believe, it has everything to do with it.

Perhaps you have seen the story/video that is making its rounds on facebook.  It's the story of the death of a man - and the honoring of that death by elephants he had befriended years before.

Known as "The Elephant Whisperer," Laurence Anthony, had saved two herds of rogue elephants from destruction by somehow communicating with them that they were safe on his reserve.  He saved the lives of many elephants that had been deemed violent and destructive - turning them into docile, though wild, animals. That story alone is amazing.

Yet, after his death an even more remarkable story came forth.  Somehow, these two herds of elephants inexplicably knew of the death of Anthony who lived miles away.  Single file, they walked to his home - once their home -  and stayed quietly for two days - and then left.

It was as if they were mourning the loss of the man who had saved their lives.

At first I thought the story had to be a hoax, so I checked it out.  No hoax, it was widely reported - quoting his wife and his son.

How did those elephants know?  How could those elephants had possibly be aware of the death of Anthony?  How did they come to make the long trek to his house?

I know of no rational explanation for events like that of the elephants  journey to honor Anthony.

There are so many things that defy explanation by rational means.  While we don't consider "miracles" a thing of today (at least most folks don't), I think that happenings like this, that are so far beyond what man can explain, are but a glimpse into the amazing world our Father created.  One that can't always be seen with rational eyes.

Chronic illness calls upon us to be "irrational," if you will.  We hope when there seems to be no reason to hope.  We endure because a nonsensical drive encourages us to keep on keeping on.  We live and love and persevere for reasons that appear foolish to many around us.

Sometimes I get stuck in the logical ... the rational ... I want things to make sense.  Yet, the wonder of those things that don't make sense, that defy explanation often pop up and push me off center to remind me that there is so much more at work in this world than we understand.  Sometimes, I simply forget the wonder of God and His creation.

This time, it took an elephant story to help me remember.

To view the video and read more of Anthony's story, click here.

Father God, How amazing is this world that you created.  Help us to see beyond the rational to understand how amazing your creations are. Help us to realize that even today, the inexplicable happens.  Lord, I believe ... help my unbelief.  Amen and amen.


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