Can You Hear It?

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I’m working on developing a morning routine of sorts.  No, it doesn’t always go the way I plan, but … I’m trying.

You see, I want the last thing I think about at night to be thoughts of my Lord.  And, I’m striving for the same type of thoughts upon awakening.

It’s challenging for me, I admit.

So, to help my efforts, when I reach for my phone, before I do anything else, my goal is to listen to a prayer on my phone app, Abide. 

I listen to the daily prayer, and also listen to daily guides.  The one I am working on now is about prayer.

Jack Graham was the speaker for today’s prayer - and he quoted words from 1 Samuel 3:9.

“Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

My praying tends to be more about talking than listening.  But, I’m finding that when I do listen, when I bow my head and stay quiet, something interesting happens in me.

I slow down.

My thoughts become quiet.

I feel a sense of anticipation.

What will God show me today?  What is the thing He wants me to see right now?  And, as soon as I hear it or read it, I know.  I just know those are the words for today.

I went and looked up the whole verse - and then needed to look at what led up to those words being spoken.

The boy Samuel, is ministering to the Eli.  He lives and sleeps in the temple.  Samuel hears someone calling him and assumes it is Eli.  Who else would it be?

But Eli tells the boy it was not him - and to go back and lie down, which Samuel does.  But, God is persistent and calls Samuel’s name a second time.  Once again he approaches Eli, only to hear that, once again, it was not Eli.

It happens a third time, and Eli now realizes it is the Lord calling to Eli - and he tells the boy how to respond.

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

And the next time God called?  Well, those words were Samuels reply.

I wonder how many times we miss the LORD calling our names.  How many times do we hear, yet shake it off or find another explanation?

And how many times do we simply decide to listen to God? Not come before Him with our litany of requests (though I know we are told to ask!).

But conversations in relationships go both ways.

I find comfort in the fact that God wants me to quiet myself and simply listen.  I think we can listen in prayer times.  I think we can “listen” as we read His word.  I even think we can listen as we observe our world.

Kind of exciting if you think about it, isn’t it.  The LORD of the universe wants to talk to us.

I guess that is what these “verse of the day” things are about for me.  It’s quieting down.  It’s listening.  It’s waiting with anticipation for the words He will reveal to me today.

And, oh, how listening is something I need to work on!  It’s much easier for me to talk, to complain, to gripe, to question - rather than listen.

I’m seeing it’s a skill that needs to be cultivated.  At least for me. 

And I’m wondering, my dear readers, what words does God want you to hear today?  Have your quieted your mind and approached Him with an attitude of listening?

Are you listening for His voice today? 

One of my favorite songs from “Facing the Giants” - The Voice of Truth.  Seemed fitting to share today.  :)

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