Challenge?  Or Opportunity …

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… making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  Ephesians 5:16

Months and years seem to fly by.

Days … not so much.

It seems I have more time now, and less things I am able to do.

It gets challenging.

Almost daily I realize how much I miss my mom (who lived with us) and my husband.

I hadn’t realized how supportive they were of me.

It’s odd to have good news - and no one to share it with and hug, or to create a new tiny painting and have no one to show it to.

I really miss that.

So, I’m having to find creative ways to fill my time.

I’m realizing that this is such an opportunity for me to practice God’s presence.

Yet, it seems I have to break it down.

Can I keep God foremost in my mind - talking to Him, thinking on His word for the next hour?  For the next half hour?

I find my mind skitters off in so many different directions and I end up thinking or doing something that has allowed me to fall off track.

It’s easy to want to give up trying to stay in His presence.

I guess I am beginning to grapple with persistence.  I need to persist in this practicing of His presence.  

Of abiding.

Of being aware.

I didn’t realize how hard it would be.  It sounds easy when I write it down.

Putting it into practice is something else again.

So, I am reaching out to you all - is there something you have learned that helps you to stay in God’s presence?  

I’d have thought it would be harder to do when I was busy - and had little time.

How odd that it is harder now that I do have so much time and so little to do.

Sometimes, I feel like I need a Jesus-with-skin-on person in my life right now.  Yet if that was in God’s plan it would be happening.

I guess I’m learning to walk a solitary life (not discounting a single one of you wonderful on-line friends.)

I just pray I make the most of this opportunity to grow.

I pray that for each of you as well - that your challenges afford you the opportunity to grow ever closer to Him.  Amen and amen. 

Digital Image: Danilo Rizzuti

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