Do You Want to Know a Secret?


The LORD confides in those who fear Him; He makes HIs covenant known to them.  Psalm 25:14

One of the most important thing I learned about reading the Bible is that words don't always translate well between the original language it was written in and our own language.  Take the word "love" for example.  The Bible has three different words with different meanings for love.

The same is for the word "fear."  I used to think it meant we were to be afraid of God.  While that is one of the meanings, the one I didn't know was that it also means to be in awe of, or revere God.

So many of the people I am coming to know because of my chronic challenges are people who do love and "fear God" reverently.

I never really understood the how and why of growing closer to God while in the throes of tragedies.  Yet, as time passes, it grows clearer to me why some are seemingly blessed with knowing God at a higher level. I think the above verse explains a lot.

Confidences shared ... secrets ... if you will, are so intimate.  Doesn't it make a lovely picture.  God confiding in you, sharing His blessed covenant with you.

Just that image alone is awe inspiring.

Sometimes God seems just too big for words.  When we make our trips into Chicago to see our doctors, I am always overwhelmed by the throngs of people on Michigan Avenue - probably one of Chicago's most well traversed streets.  "The Magnificent Mile" they call it.

Coming from a somewhat rural area makes it even more mind boggling.  All those people going who knows where and doing who knows what.  And each one has a story.  Each one is on a journey.  And to think that God knows each one so intimately.  He waits patiently for each one to come to Him.  I can't even fathom it all.

And this huge, amazing God - wants to whisper the secrets about Himself into our ears.

Kinda makes you want to shout from the rooftops, doesn't it.

Maybe that is the point.

Father God, I thank You and praise You for Your amazing presence in our lives.  Thank you that you wait for each one of us to come to You.  That you for this overwhelming love that you have for us.  I pray, Lord, that today each reader will see evidence of that intimate love in their life.  I pray they see You for the awesome and majestic God you are.  Amen and amen.


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