Each and Every Blessing

Pearls and Hearts

The last few weeks have been consumed with the health issues of my husband.  Severe allergic reactions to poison ivy, cellulitis, and a foot swelling to where it looked like it would pop.  When it started to turn purplish black - I out and out panicked.

He made a return trip to the ER.  The doc sent him home, explaining he must have had a misdiagnosis somewhere along the line.  He saw no cellulitis, and the swelling and intense bruising was the result of a fall several weeks ago that caused some slow bleeding that pooled in his feet.

At first, I was furious with the doctor.  What did he mean, no cellulitis?  I saw it myself!  How could he say that there was none?  

I felt the doc was incompetent - and ignorant.  

Slowly - way too slowly - it dawned on me.  

What had we been praying for?  What had I asked others to pray for?


And what happened?


Why didn't I see this as answered prayer?  Why was I attributing it to something other than God?

This morning I read in my daily Bible reading,

"My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only He will release my feet from the snare." Psalm 25:15

Looking back, I see how I took my eyes off of God.  I forgot who healing comes from.  I got angry when I could have been praising.  

In short - I missed God at work.

How often do I do that? 

I bet it is more often than I realize.

That is the thing with chronic illness - we have more opportunities to see God work - we have more ways we can learn and grow close to God.

God doesn't always heal.  God doesn't always "fix" things the way we want Him to.  I have to wonder, though, how many times does He work in our lives and we miss it completely have simply taken our eyes off of Him.

Father God, Help us to be ever aware of all You are doing for us.  It is so easy to miss all of your blessings when we fail to realize that each and every blessing - no matter how small - comes from You and You alone.  Amen and amen.


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