Even When We Forget


It was I who taught Ephram to walk, taking them by the arms; but they did not realize it was I who healed them. I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love.  To them I was like the one who lifts a little child to the cheek, and I bend down to feed them.  Hosea 11:3-4

Sometimes I forget.

I simply forget. 

I used to marvel at how the Israelites could have been so blind to the very presence of God.  After all He had done, how could they so quickly turn from Him and return to worshipping idols?  They had such along history of God in their lives.

Then, I realize that I am not that much different.

When I read these verses from Hosea, I sense so much loving tenderness.  Such gentleness.  

I know my own feelings that arise when I lift my littlest grandson to my check, marveling at the warmth and smoothness of his skin.  I feel so much love for the little one.  It's an overwhelming feeling.

But to remember that God feels that way about me.  


He has such love for us.  And it is so clearly defined in human terms.  Simply amazing!

On those days when I do feel better?  Do I realize that it is He who is doing the healing?  When the sun brightens imperceptibly through my window shades and it's warmth falls on my fingers as I type - do I realize it is God?

As I make small brush strokes across tiny canvases, do I realize that the beauty I am trying to capture is the beauty of His world?


Not always.

And I wonder at myself.

How can I forget?

Living a challenged life changes your focus.  You can either home in on the details of each ache and pain (which I admit is so easy to do, especially on the days seemingly filled with nothing but pain!) or you can stretch yourself to look beyond pain and realize the love God has for you.

I know many tend to blame God for their illnesses and pain.  I've stated before that I personally believe that these are a result of our living in a world fractured by sin.  I don't believe that was God's intent for us.

If it were - why would He bring us healing of any sort?  Physical, emotional, and most importantly - spiritual.

The greatness of God's love overwhelms me.  I need to read and reread verses like these to even try to take it in.

How tenderly He loves us!  Even in our pain, we are blessed beyond words.

I know these words will discourage some of you.  I know that when I write about God's love for us, or how He can use our pain, or how we can try to live our lives in the most fulfilling way possible - people unsubscribe from this blog.

Perhaps they are not ready to hear those words.  Perhaps they need encouragement of another type.

But my encouragement for you today is for you not to forget just how much God loves you - right where you are today.  He is lifting you up and holding you to his cheek, cherishing you, adoring you, and just waiting for you to remember that He is there and has been, all along.

Father God, It can be so very easy to get discouraged in our pain.  We can turn from You, forget You, even become angry with You; yet, You continue to love us, hold on to us, and encourage us even on the days we forget.  Thank you for Your everlasting love. Amen and amen.


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