Facing Adversity


But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips. Job 2:10

My three times rule struck again.  I've mentioned before that if I hear something that seems to pertain to me one time, I kind of notice it - but maybe just go on.  If I hear it two times ... I kind of go, "Hmmmmm," and maybe notice it a bit more.  But that third time?  Ah ... I know I'd best listen up.

Yesterday my heart was being a bit erratic so I chose to stay home from church, even though I really wanted to try to go.  My son suggested listening to the sermon online from the church site.

The subject of the sermon (Do Not Be Silent - mp3) was Paul and how he faced his trials and what all he needed to endure them.  With not a lot else to do, I decided to watch the sermon from Charles Stanley.   (Bridge or Burden) The topic?  Adversity and how we can build a bridge with it to bring us closer to God.  

With all that is happening for me right now health-wise I felt these were things I needed to hear.

Then I got a forwarded email from a friend.  It spoke of many people who had accomplished much for God, but how their faith grew out of adversity.  At the bottom of the article there were some discussion questions.  (I tried to find the source article online to give you a link but I wasn't able to find it.)

I thought they were good questions to keep in mind when we face the challenges of our illnesses and pain.

In what ways has God used trials and adversity to make you stronger, wiser and more usable? Or have you allowed hardship to merely harden you into stubbornness and bitterness?

That seems to have been the theme for all three teachings that came to me yesterday. Am I trusting God that the adversity I face is a bridge to being closer to Him?  Do I truly believe God is in control and brings me the lessons I need?  Can I rest in the knowledge that He loves me beyond measure?  I truly have to look closely at my responses to the things that challenge me today.

My words cannot do justice to the men who spoke yesterday.  I've linked to the audio and the video so that you, if feeling overwhelmed by adversity as I was, might listen to them in their entirety.  If you would like the email article, I can forward it to you if you contact me.

Then go back and answer those discussion questions again.  

Father God, Thank you for the many wise teachers who speak your words of truth.  Give us ears to listen and truly hear.  Amen and amen.

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