Facing the Mountain

And He went up on the mountain and summoned those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him.  Mark 3:13

I’ve not written for a while.  Partly because I’m not been feeling well at all, and partly because I wonder what I can have to say that would encourage you.  

I’m realize that it is not me at all that encourages, but God using me as a vessel to pass on what I am learning.

So, what I believe I am learning right now:

God really truly is faithful - even when I am not.

When I am in the middle of pain, most everything else fades from view.  All I can do at times is cry out “Help me.”

That I do have those friends who are closer than a brother.  And that many friends do indeed fall away when things get difficult.  I rejoice in those few.

I am learning I am so, so incredibly similar to my favorite heroine “Much Afraid” who, when coming face to face with the steepest mountain side she has ever seen or had to scale, sit’s and cries that she can’t do it.

That is how I often feel.  Like I just can’t do this.

Good news?  I don’t even have to pretend to try.

Yes, He is still calling me up that mountain side - and yes, He has provided a way.  I just don’t see it yet.

And that’s ok.

He will sit here, at the base of the precipice along side of me, until I am strong enough to continue.

I am learning that life is still so unpredictable and that it always will be.

I’m also learning how quickly the days of my life are flying by.

I am learning that in between the moments of pain, I can find delicious moments of relief that wash over me - that I cherish. Moments I would not of thought to rejoice over before.

I am learning that I need to infuse myself with positives.  Pain, challenges, tend to bring out the Eeyore in me.  

I am learning I need to fight that.  That I can fight that.

I am learning how much easier it is to tell someone to hang on - that it will all be ok, that to recognize that myself.

I am learning how important it is for me to know that it is He who is summoning me up that mountain side because He wants me to be with Him.

I’m learning that not all hear or heed His call. 

Yet, I need to continue on facing what looks impossible to me - because the One who loves me is calling.

So, my lovely readers - that is what I have to share today.  I’m not sure you will find any encouragement in these words.  I pray you do.

And pray that you remember, as I need to, that God is, indeed, faithful.

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