Finding God's Way Out of the Pit


I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your doings; I muse on the work of Your hands.  I stretch out my hands to You; My soul longs for You, as a parched land. Selah.  Psalm 143: 5 - 6

Have you ever been around folks who tell you not to look back at the past?  That it will only stir up memories of what could have been, might have been, and “what if’s”?  Why, even Lot’s wife was told not to look back.  So what is this with the Psalmist looking back?

For me, this verse is where the Psalmist begins to get himself out of the pit he is in. He starts to look outside of himself. 

I can picture the Psalmist thinking of the wonders of nature that God has created, all of the blessings God had given him, and all the answered prayers he had known in his lifetime and the lifetimes of those who had gone before.  

There is a saying that in order to climb up out of the pit, we must develop an “attitude of gratitude.”  That sounds trite – corny at best.  Yet, in my own experience, it has worked.  

What has worked best for me is keeping track of my prayers.  Right now I'm using an iPhone app that allows me to type in my requests and when they are answered - move then to an answered prayer folder.

You see, I tend to forget all that God has done for me and those I pray about.  When I look back, I am awed at the many answered prayers, sometimes see the sense in the unanswered ones, and find that my expectations – my knowing that God will answer is a reality.

Once David looked back on the works of God - he realized his extreme need for God.  I've often wondered if I'd feel a need for God the way I do if things were going swimmingly.  

I guess I can already answer that.  No.  It seems it is in the trials of life we realize we meet God.  When things are easy - we do it ourselves.  When they get tough - we look for God.  

David not only looks for God - he stretches out his hands.  He longs for God desperately.  And then ... he pauses.  (Selah)  He waits.

Sounds like a recipe to me.  

1) Come to God in prayer

 2) Be honest about what is going on in your life

3) Look back to the things God has done.  (If you can’t find things in your own life – look outside yourself to the things God has created - mountains, sunsets, oceans - things that take your breath away!) 

4. Realize your need for God. 

5. Reach out to Him with ever fiber of your being. 

6. Then - wait.  Expectantly - hopefully with anticipation.

Open yourself up to the magnificence and power of God.  

And then?  Well - we'll look to that tomorrow.  (Or you can cheat and finish up Psalm 143.  Peeking IS allowed.)

Father God, Thank you that you love us so very much that you have shown us, step by step, the way out of despair.  Thank you that we do not need to remain stuck in the hopelessness that we feel.  Amen and Amen.  So be it, Lord!


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