Finding the Gift in the Pain

From the May 2011 Archives

“Good Morning, Lord.”

I lie in my bed looking out the window.  I see the cloudy sky and the leaves in the trees a lush green.

“It’s another one of those days, Lord.  You know, the kind where I wake up in pain and know – just know that nothing much will be done.  It’s a “bed” day.  I don’t like them, Lord.”

“I know, child.  I know.  But there is a gift in today for you, if you will only look hard enough.”

“But  there is so much I need to do!  The house is cluttering up again, the laundry needs to be done, I need to …”

“Child, stop looking at what you need to do and look to what you are able to do.  Look for the gift.”

“It’s too hard to look for a gift when I hurt.  I’d rather the pain just went away.  I’d rather I could just get up and …”

“You are a stubborn one, aren’t you?  Try looking for what you can do – here … now.”

I stop to think.  What I can do?

“You mean right here – the way I am?”

“Yes, little one.  Right here.  Right now.  The way you are.”

“Well,” I say slowly.  “I can talk to You.”

“Yes.  And?”

“I can .. uh … I can pray.”


I am silent for a moment, trying to see the gift in this.

Aha!  My mind lights on the word “see” the good.

I look to the window again.  The same view I see morning after morning begins to look fresh and new.  The sky, the leaves.  The sun brightens the display before me almost imperceptibly.

“Thank you, Father.  Thank you that I have eyes to see with.  Many don’t have that, Lord.  Thank you for the view of nature right outside my window.  Many don’t have that.”  

I become aware of  all I have.  My warm bed.  My soft pillow.  My laptop computer.

I feel God’s nudge again.

“All good things to be grateful for child.”

“Is there another gift I am overlooking?”

“In a way, little one.  Who provided you with these things?” 

I blush.  

“You did, Lord.  Every good gift comes from You.”

“And one more thing.  Each morning – when you wake up and say ‘Good morning, Lord.’…”


“Has there ever been a morning I have not been here, waiting to talk – waiting to listen?”

I understand the gift now.

“No, Lord – never has there been a day in my life when have you not been here - waiting.  Thank you, Lord, for – well – for being You.”

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17, NIV)

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