Following Christ - or Living Like Him?

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He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
– Jim Elliot, missionary

Things are changing so rapidly for me.

What I once thought of as normal is almost being thrown in my face.  I’m seeing things through new eyes.

I feel as if I have crossed a bridge of some kind … one that leads directly to Jesus.

I am being convicted over and over and over of how un-Christlike I have been.

You see, I believed in the American dream.

No, we didn’t have a huge house.  Yes, I’ve been jealous when we drive through huge neighborhoods with amazing houses and watch as people drive by in expensive cars.  Our house overflows with stuff bought because someone convinced me I needed it - for whatever reason.  More stuff than I need - or ever will.

To be honest, I’ve felt our family is on the poor side - especially for the town we live in.

Yet, God is showing me how much more He has given me than I’ve ever realized.  I read blog posts about decluttering.  I read how less is more.  I want to simplify.  Some of it is purely for selfish motives.  Well - to be honest, most of it has been.  I don’t want to leave my kids a cluttered mess to be reckoned with when I’m gone.

And all that extra stuff?  Well, I could probably do well with a garage sale.  We have tons!  A little more money couldn’t hurt.

Then I start reading “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess“ by  Jen Hatmaker.

I read something I’ve always known.  That my treasure is in heaven.  Not here.  I’m seeing just how greedy and selfish I’ve been.  I am, indeed, addicted to more.  More stuff.

Today I read Ann Voskamp’s blog post. “How to Say Yes to God When Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough.

All I could do was shake my head “yes” over and over.

THAT is where I am.  

I want to learn how to be more like Jesus.  Even if it is from the hospital bed that rests in my living room.

I want the things I don’t need to go to the hands of those who are in need.

I don’t mean taking to Goodwill - or some such place where folks need to pay for my cast off treasures ore perhaps uncover a “find” they can resell on ebay.

I want to give.

I want to give to those who truly need.

I don’t know where to begin.

I don’t know how to do it.  

Yet, I know I must.

I have been blessed with much.

It is my turn to pass on those blessings.

I realize that once again my blog is taking a turn.  I know many, many of you will not need the words I will be writing from here on out.

My focus is not gonna be on my health challenges.

I may not be encouraging as I once was.  I may be more challenging.

You see, God is challenging me not to become complacent.  

He is challenging me to look around this world and see where I might be able to do some good.


I’ve no idea yet.  God has yet to show me how to accomplish what He has put in my heart.

But I trust that He will.

And I pass the challenge along to You.

Will you simply follow Christ? 

Or will you determine to live like Him - giving all you can to the world.

I believe that Jesus does not always ask us to give up our most important things to follow him, but rather that we be willing to give them up.  Jesus will ask you to give up anything that is sinful, or gets in the way of following Him.  Consider the disciples, who when called, gave up all to follow Him.

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