God Breathed

The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.  (Genesis 2:7 NIV)

I made a comment to someone that I needed to get a devotional written for today.  

Their comment . . . ?  

“Why?  Why do you have to write?”  

That’s a good question.

I hope you will humor me as I take a brief detour here.

Have you ever really focused on your own breathing? We breathe in.  We hold our breath.  We breathe out.

When I write, I find I am examining what have I been breathing in emotionally. What lessons am I learning about pain?  Negativity?  Anguish?  Writing lets me see that sometimes I hold on to the breath far too long.  I neither exhale or let go.  And it indeed feels as if I am suffocating myself.  

Suddenly I realize the polar opposite - resuscitation.  Resuscitated by God.  

God breathed. 

We can examine our own spiritual breathing. We can take in silence – stillness with God. We can take in solitude.  Our horizons broaden.  We can choose to breathe in what is good.  

Or, we can choose to breathe in false comforts, numbing ourselves.  We can look for counterfeit securities.  We can breathe in the toxic breath of others.  We can breathe in doubt. 

Or, we can breath in order, harmony, integrity …. love. 

We can choose what we breathe.  Then, we can hold our breath for a moment and reflect, and then breathe out. Are we releasing toxic thoughts back into our world?  Are we releasing good? 

We find a rhythm to it all. 

Breathing in – pausing.  Examining what is there.  Planning – what is the next step?  Are we choosing to breathe in the good?  Are we releasing the fears as we breathe out love?  We can pause as we choose what to breathe in next.  It’s all about conscious decisions.

We have a choice to carry forward for good, or let the pain of life destroy us.  And destroy us it surely will, if we allow it to.  

Back to my friend’s comment. Writing allows me to become aware of what is in me.  Releasing what is toxic.  Replacing it with good.  It’s all my choice. 

You may not be a writer – but you are, just as surely, writing the story of your life.  You too, beloved reader, are God breathed.

What story will you choose to write today?

Father God, Thank you that we are, indeed, God-breathed.  Help us to rely on You and Your power with every breath we take.  Amen and amen.  


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