God in a Bubble?


Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

I started thinking about bubbles today.  

My favorite job was working with school kids who had emotional disabilities.  Many of “my” kids had attention deficit disorders.  

One of the tools I’d use was a bottle of blowing bubbles.

Some kids had real problems with impulse control - acting without thinking.  You know the, “It seemed like a good idea at the time” kind of deal.

So, I’d blow bubbles and have them wait until I said they could pop a bubble.  Or, they could only pop two - or three - or one - or none.  It was a fun little game to play that was helpful at the same time.

I’ve used bubbles in my own life.

When two of my children went to live with their dad after he had divorced me, I was heart-broken. He offered things to them that I denied them, and who wouldn’t choose a place that had almost no rules for a teenager? 

For a number of years, I had no contact with them - their choice, driven by the hatred their dad had for me.  

A therapist suggested that I imagine them on my fingertips, encase them in a bubble that I had filled with love, and gently blow them off of my fingers - the bubble attached to a silver thread that connected them to God.  I’d do that over and over.  It really helped me.

It dawned on me this morning that bubbles can be symbolic for so many other things.

We can blow our worries and fears into our imaginary bubbles, letting them float away until they *pop* and the troubles disappear. 

We could imagine blowing love into those bubbles - and as the bubbles pop, our love is released into our world.

We can encase ourselves in bubbles filled with God’s love and care. We can relax, safe and secure in the knowledge that He loves us. 

When other people say mean and hurtful things to us, our bubble can protect us - their words bouncing away from us as they hit the resilient bubble that encases us.  

Bubbles can be a prison, as well.  Bubbles that we want to protect us can fill with worry and fear until we live confined in a scary world.  Bubbles can keep us away from other people.  The things that once seemed helpful to us can become the things that entrap us.

So, who knew I could write a whole blog post about such a simple, childish thing?

God did.

And He’s asking how you might use bubbles today.

(Hint: The filled with love one, is a real good place to start.)


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