God's Direction - Not Mine


The Lord our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain ..." Deuteronomy 1:6

This verse jumped out at me during my Scripture time.  I knew I was being prompted to write about it.  For several days, I haven't known just what to write.  Today it feels I do.

God gave such precise directions to the Israelites.  They knew exactly when to break camp and follow the Lord's leading - and exactly when and where to stop and make a new camp.  

God's telling them it was time to leave their current dwelling place wasn't anything new.  Yet, there was something quite different about this command.

This time, they were getting ready to enter the Promised Land.

God told them it had been long enough.  Their wanderings were over.  It was time.

When I look to my own life, I know I often wonder how long I must stay on this mountain full of life's challenges.  I wonder when ... and how they will be over.

The past month and seen such a rapid increase of health problems for me that it is kind of overwhelming.  

As I read the words of that verse, I felt God was telling me that when the time is right, I will leave this mountain of challenges behind me.  I'm not at all sure how that will come to fruition. Will God provide healing?  Will He grant me an increased level of endurance?  Will my time on this earth come to an end?  Are these things I will adapt to somehow? How will God provide relief?

No matter how this plays out, I have the assurance that, at some point in time - the proper time - God will say to me, "You have stayed long enough on this mountain."

It will be time to move forward into the unknown - just as the Israelites moved forward - being led by God.

What more can we ask for?  Knowing we will be guided by the God of the universe, who knows exactly where our next camp need be.  

And one day, He will say to each of us, "You have stayed long enough on this mountain."

And while we are here, on this mountain of challenges - we can try as best we can to set up cheerful housekeeping and enjoy the view.

That is the perk of the mountain - the view of what lies all around is is spectacular.  It is provided for us by God.

Father God, I praise and thank you for the encouragement found in Your words.  Thank you that the timing for each challenge we face is in Your hands.  Help us to continually look toward you and listen for Your voice.  Thank you for loving us so very much that you dwell with us each and every moment when our heart belongs to You.  Amen and amen.


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