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This post from my lovely friend, Lola McGuire, was posted on her site for Thanksgiving.  When I read it, I thought it applies to us, no matter what the day.  Thank you, Lola for your wise words. everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.....1 Thessalonians 5:18

As I reflect on this time of thanksgiving, I realize it is easy to thank God for all the good things in my life.  Those things I consider blessings, but for those of us who suffer, whatever the reason, giving thanks to God can be difficult or almost impossible at these times.  

When we are in agony, we often wonder if there really is a God, and if so why does He let us suffer so?  I know I have in the past.

The "why" of suffering, I cannot answer you.  Many say its because we've sinned and God is punishing us.  For unbelievers this could be true, but not for  the child of God.  Scripture tells us God loves us with an everlasting love.  He does not punish us. 

He may lovingly chastise us if we have gotten away from Him and His ways, so that we will turn back to Him. But punish? No! That is not what the Word says. That is not what the NEW COVENANT God made with His followers Is all about.  

He is the perfect Father, who only love us unconditionally. Any sin we commit as His child is already forgiven and cleansed through the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary for us.  As His redeemed child, God the Father loves us and Jesus is with us no matter what we are going through.  Even in the worst of times, He is there, ready to give us His love and comfort and help if we just ask.

I know this for a fact because His sweet loving Presence has met me,  in many times of darkness.  He has sustained me, walked beside me, given me His peace and love, when I thought I could not take one more step in this life.

Do I know about suffering? 

Oh yes!  Can I thank God while I am hurting in a difficult trial of life?  Yes, I can!  And I am learning how.  

Many people think we are to thank God for the suffering but that's not what Scripture says.  I have come to know by reading Gods Word,  the above verse being one of many such verses, we don't thank FOR the trial or hurt, but IN the trial.  

Whatever we are suffering, we can thank Him that He is with us, that His promises to us are true and He always, always keeps them.  That is His nature and His character.

It may not be easy, but there is always "something" we can thank Him about because His  mercies are new everyday.  

We can thank Him for His love, His strength; which I know He gives me each and every time I bring my physical pain or emotional sorrow to Him in prayer.  God loves me with a love that can never take me out of His arms.  He will never forsake or leave me or you once we have become His child.

When we learn to run to God in our pain and suffering, and not away from Him, He will wrap us in His everlasting arms and hold us tight.  I know.  

I have experienced this love for myself and prayerfully offer you what I have found.  Giving thanks in all things brings God into whatever you are experiencing.  And that's just where He want's to be.   

Scripture tells us that Gods ways are not our ways, so I have to choose to trust that even in my most trying, painful times, He will work them for my good and His glory.  He promises so.

God does what He says He will do.  Look into His Word and hear His sweet voice speaking to you.  The Psalms are full of His love.  They bring me so much comfort in my times of suffering.  Read them, see what you find.

Dear Lord, You alone know all things and have all power under heaven and earth.  You also know each and every pain and sorrow, for You, Yourself experienced them while here on earth.  You alone know the most true agony of suffering...the You understand what suffering is.  

Thank You Jesus, that I am never alone in any time of suffering and I can thank You for Your wonderful love and Presence....You my Lord, who went to the cross for me.  

Thank You also that Your are not on that cross any longer but are resurrected and sitting at the right hand of the Father always making intercession on our behalf. And that You now indwell the hearts of Your children.  

I'm so gratefully for Your absolute perfect love that can only come from an intimate relationship with You. Thank You Lord! Thank You!  May You except my offering of thanksgiving and praise my Lord Jesus.    Amen

More about Lola: Lola is a 63 mother, grandmother, and this year, a great-grandmother of 2. She' a woman of God, learning how to live a godly life while dealing with debilitating, degenerative arthritis.  She lives in Washington State and loves the wonders of all Gods beautiful creations that surround where she lives.  The Pacific ocean, only a few hours  away, Mt St Helens and the Cascade range, and the beauty of all the many evergreen forests. She has a consuming passion for the Word of God and sharing what He says with others, using her life experiences to offer Gods love to those around her.

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