Guest Post: Giving My All, With Thanks

I'd like to thank Lynn Severance for this week's guest post.  What draws me to Lynn's writings is her emphasis on the positives around us.  I'm slowly learning that the only way through this interesting life full of challenges is to focus on the good - and on God.  Thanks, Lynn!


“They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on” (Mark 12:44).

 I have had one vision of this verse -- a poor woman with her widow’s mite -- willingly dropping that fraction of a penny into a basket.

Now I recognize some of my attitudes, the ones glued to the bottom of my all basket that needs emptying. 

I can be downright selfish when it comes to giving my all. Many days, as I am forced to rest on my couch, my pain is my all and little else seems possible.

Then, I view all that is around me and I observe abundant blessings. God has not stopped giving his all to me. I am provided for as I remain isolated from much of the world outside these walls. 

More importantly, his presence is here with me in the stillness.

I war with feelings of envy as others go about their busy lives during my season of more limitations. It truly is an arrogance, a questioning of God’s plan for my life. 

He knows what He is doing. I am far from possessing the qualities displayed by the woman praised in this Scripture verse. Her qualities are worthy goals.

The all in my basket are some attitudes needing to be surrendered. 

Next to my basket, God has another one filled with his wealth. These are provisions He wants me to keep - trust, faith, grace, humility, and acceptance. 

It is from my basket that I am to pluck out and plunk into his hands all that is holding me back. With God's perspective, I will not be comparing my life to that of others. I will deeply recognize that he provides for one and all.  

If there is to be any poverty, let it be from my heart draining in thanksgiving to God who loves me in spite of my attitudinal shortcomings.

He remains with me to help me to see with new eyes -- his eyes.

Prayer: Lord, help me to give my all so that there is room within me to receive your all. Help my heart to rise in thanksgiving for you and your basket full of generosity - ever and always near. Amen.

More about Lynn: Lynn Severance is a retired elementary classroom teacher. She lives in Lynnwood, Washington. She writes to encourage others as God has encouraged her during 30 years of living with daily physical challenges. Lynn is a part of the devotional writing team for Rest Ministries, a Christian website that ministers to those who live in chronic pain and/or with chronic illness. Lynn blogs, when she can, at this address.  

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