Guest Post: Valley...Mountaintops...Gods Ways

I'd like to thank Lola McGuire for today's guest post!  Lola is a dear friend I have made on this always interesting journey through chronic challenges.  I enjoy her writings and hope you visit her blogsite God Says Listen where she shares her walk through this world with Christ at her side.

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Scripture says: " In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight"...Proverbs 3:5

As read this verse I had actually been thinking about another subject.  The title of this message being the subject I had been thinking about. I even had a different Scripture in mind for this blog.  And as I sat listening the Lord spoke gently to my heart, in His sweet Voice and my heart heard.

"Beloved, My children experience adversity,anguish, trials, tribulations, and heartaches as the "valley experiences" of this life. These times, as much as they would like to avoid them, are necessary in order for them to grow and mature spiritually.  They are a part of My plan for their lives here on earth. These "valleys" are times, I seek for them to turn to Me, and listen to what I can tell them, as to how they can walk through the valley.  I KNOW the way.  I Am the Way.."

"What I want my children to know, is that I am with them in the valley's as much as I am on the mountaintops. That I know it's hard for them to understand, in the pain of adversity, but I have a purpose and a plan for everything that touches their lives.  Yours too."

"It is hard, for some of My children to understand what I mean, when I"m saying, " My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts". (Isaiah 55:8)  What they see as a calamity, I see as a time of teaching them to trust Me - to trust Me in all of life experiences - in their valleys, as well as on the mountaintops. 

I, who created them, have a specific plan for each and every child of Mine..."in My book were written all the days ordained for you, before one even came about." (Psalms 139:16)

Each valley, is a time for My child, who is in it, to come and seek Me. "To find Me while I may be found". (Isaiah 55:6). 

To seek Me in My Word and have a conversation in prayer with Me.  I invite them to come; " Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)  

I want them to come... "I love them with an everlasting love." (Jeremiah 31:3)

When I say, "In all your ways acknowledge Me, what I am saying is seek Me, listen to Me, and I will make your paths (ways) straight; both in the valley's, as well as on the mountaintops of life."

And what I share with those who may be reading this post is, God is Faithful! He can be trusted!  I know From experiencing  many valley experiences of my own.  If you heart desires to know how to find a straight path through your valley and walk back up to the mountaintop, seek to meet with Him today in Scripture. There's no where higher. His ways and love are wonderful,  and yes at times, even hard to understand, But He has promised  He is always with us wherever we go.

Thank You Lord Jesus, that there is nowhere we can go that you are not with us, offering Your love, Your guidance, Your peace.  Praise the wonderful name of Jesus.

More about Lola! Lola is a 63-year-old mother, grandmother, and this year, a great grandmother of two.  She's a woman of God, learning how to live a godly life while dealing with debilitating, degenerative arthritis. 

She lives in Washington State and loves the wonders of all God's beautiful creations that surround where she lives: The Pacific ocean only a few hours away, Mt. S. Helens and the Cascade range, and the beauty of all the many evergreen forests.  

She has a consuming passion for the Word of God and sharing what He says with others, using her life experiences to offer God's love to those around her.  You can find more writings here.

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