Hiding God's Word

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I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11 ESV

Stored up any of God's word lately?

I know memorizing Scripture can be terribly difficult even for those of us who don't deal with brain fog and memory issues.  (I'm amazed at how my short-term memory has gotten sooooo short term!)

But I do think it's good to try to memorize as best we can.  For some, that might just be reading and re-reading and getting familiar with, rather than out and out word-by-word memorization. We can still "store up" God's word, even if we never get to rote memorization.

A while back I took Do Not Depart's challenge to memorize Roman's 8.  I have to admit that I was never able to completely learn the chapter.  But I do believe that I know that chapter better than any other in the Bible, and I have learned much from the process.

Today a new challenge starts at Do Not Depart.  I wasn't going to throw my hat into the ring this time, but at the last minute (as is this blog post), I'm going to try to get as familiar as I can with Ephesians 1.

I've lowered the bar for myself.  I'm not going to demand complete memorization as I know that even with repeated efforts, it's unlikely to happen for me.

But, I'm not going to let that deter me from gleaning all I can from this amazing passage.

Sometimes, I think we let our illnesses get us off the hook for things.  If we can't memorize it all - why try?  Right?


So, today I will go to my ScriptureTyper app on my phone and enter the first two verses of Ephesians.  

Two verses a week is all they ask.

I'll try for memorizing - which I do best by reading, writing, listening to, and speaking the words.  

I love my Scripture Typer app as it gives me the option of typing out the whole thing (cool feature - you only need type the first letter of each word!), trying to do every other word, or trying to do the whole verse with no hints. (There is also an online version - and if you play around with the settings a bit, you can find the same first letter option.) 

For me, it's the best way for me to memorize.  (I'm still reviewing the Romans 8 verses on the app.

But you don't need the app.  You can memorize any way you want.  Or you can just immerse yourself in God's word in a structures manner.

I know it's a real challenge.  But it's one I'm going to try my best to fulfill. (And I'm not gonna beat myself up if I do it imperfectly.)  

Care to join me?

You can join the challenge at Do Not Depart.

I know it's a real challenge - but it will also be a tremendous blessing.

Father God, thank you for the opportunity to study your word.  To carve it into our hearts and to purposely set about the task of leaning more about You through Your word.  Thank you for those behind this project.  I pray You will bless them richly as You will each who travels through this journey.  Amen and amen.


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