Hold On!

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever,  for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.  Isaiah 26:3-4

Can you even imagine it?  Perfect peace?  I know I can’t.  Not really.  I know I get knocked from side to side so easily when problems arise.  I also know I do not have that “steadfast mind.’  Yet, the requirement seems pretty simple.  


I know that trust is a major issue for many people.  A lot of us have been hurt in ways other than physical.  Trust can be hard to come by.

Yet, look at the reason for the trust.  "For the Lord is the Rock eternal." 

Now, I don’t know about you but a rock is about the most solid (no pun intended) think I can think of.  A rock.  Thinking of God as a rock helps me.  When I am wavering from side to side – or not knowing which way is up … I can think of myself as anchored to that rock.  And I can trust that rock to hold me.

I think of mountain climbers, and how they put their anchors into a rock when they are climbing.  They put their trust in that rock 100%.  They trust it not to give way or let them fall.

Shouldn’t we have that much faith in our God?  To trust Him not to ever let go, or give way, or let us fall - knowing we can anchor ourselves in Him securely.

What a picture that brings to my mind.  And yes … it brings peace too.

God is ever so much more secure than any rock here on earth.  He is the only thing that we can really trust to get us through those dark nights – those difficult days.

Sometimes it takes all we have to hold on.

It truly helps to remember what we are holding on to – and who is anchoring the other end.

Hold on, beloved.  Hold on.

Father God, I pray that you would grow that trust in us that we need.  Help us to realize that You, unlike anyone else around us, are worthy of complete and utter trust.  Help each of us, Lord, to hold on to You now - and forever.  Amen and amen


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