Hope, Patience, and Prayer

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The “New Year” has started a bit early for me.

God is taking me at my word that I am craving changes in my life and is already lighting up the next step.

I’d been praying for my verse for the coming year - and it found me this morning though a daily devotional.

From Romans 12:

“rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing steadfastly in prayer …”

Just a bit of a sentence, but it hit home.

My attitude needs to be one of rejoicing in the hope God holds out for us, being patient in the tribulations of the commingling year.  and prayer? … yes, continuing steadfastly   

I’ve been more diligent in prayer the past year and a half than ever before in my Christian walk, and God is telling me, “Continue on, child.”

It was so satisfying to read those words.

Yet, I had to go back and see the context of that verse.  As I read the whole of Romans 12, I realized I have a chapter for the year as well.

Much like the way Romans 8 has made its way into my life, my focus for the year will turn to this amazing chapter.  I can see at a read-through that it contains much that I need.

How cool is that?  I ask for a verse - and I get a chapter.  I’m realizing God is like that.  Always doing more than I expect.

And then, there is the Hinds Feet on High Places book study.  The response has told me there is interest.  I’ve been praying.  Is this something I should undertake?  

God said, “Yes.”

Yesterday’s devotional verse from my YouVersion app study was Habakkuk 3:19.

“Jehovah, the LORD, is my strength; And he maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, And will make me to walk upon my high places.” 

And a dear reader, interested in the study, but not having the resources for the book, wrote excitedly to tell me that she opened a Christmas gift to unexpectedly find Hinds Feet inside the package.  

God - saying, “Yes.”

I breathe deeply.

This has been such a tremendously difficult year for our family.

But, as I have said, it’s been a year of tremendous growth.

And God is holding out His hand, smiling at me, and beckoning me to enter the New Year with Him.

It will be a year of rejoicing in the hope He offers each one of us.

A year to learn to be patient with the tribulations ahead.

A year to continue to come before Him steadfastly, and lift my voice in prayer.

I’ve no idea what the New Year will bring to me or my family.

But I do know it will be a year filled with God.

I have prayed for a Christ-filled Christmas for each one of you, my beloved readers.

And now, I pray for a God-filled New Year.

My love to each one of you.  Each is precious in His sight - and in mine.


The study is a go!  I’ll be posting the start date in a few days.  You might want to find your book if it’s tucked away.  If you need one, please, please, please do not hesitate to ask - as folks have offered spare books, or will help me locate one for you!  (If you know God wants you in this study and all that is holding you back is not having a book, He is offering you one right here!!!)

As I’ve debated over a chat-room study or using a blog discussion forum, it seems that, for the moment, I will use the blog discussion format at least to start.  That way, you’ll be able to work on the questions, come to the blog site (that section will be passworded for privacy) and work at your own pace.

I am working on how to add a small chatroom to the site, so that at some point we will be able to meet together and discuss how the book is impacting us at different points during the study.  

I know scheduled chats can be challenging as we deal with our illnesses - but God will figure it out for us!

Much love,


Need to contact me?  You can do so here or leave a comment on the site.  Replying to your email works, too!

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