I Will Tell … Will You?


I will tell of the kindnesses of the LORD, the deeds for which he is to be praised, according to all the LORD has done for us— yes, the many good things he has done for Israel, according to his compassion and many kindnesses. Isaiah 63:7

It has finally dawned on me that conquering fear is not a one-time event for me.  I seem to come face-to-face with that old enemy time and again.

Mostly, my fears have to do with heart issues.  I’m not sure why those scare me more than cancer does, but it does.  

Some of you know this story already.

During my recent hospitalization, the staff was less than cooperative in giving me meds when I knew I needed them and the end result was a bout of afib.  The doctor (who was not my usual heart doc, whom they would not call for whatever reason), decided I needed a chemical conversion to get me back into rhythm.  It was a med I have known reactions to. Chemical conversations are not really useful for me at this stage of the game.

I panicked.

I panicked - then I grabbed my iPhone and got on Facebook to ask if any of my praying friends were up in the middle and if they’d pray.

As I was wheeled down to ICU (which scared me in and of itself … ICU??? Was I that bad?), I read a few of the prayers that had been said for me.

It ended up that ICU was the overflow unit for the critical care heart unit - which I had been on previously.  

It also ended up that sometime during the time I had been unplugged from my 5th floor heart monitor and being hooked up to the ICU monitor - my heart had spontaneously converted on its own.

Something that usually doesn’t happen, particularly not when I’m brimming over with fear.

You see, God had it covered all along.  Yet, I once again limited my vision of God.  When I realized (after watching the nurse’s slack-jawed look as he gazed unbelievingly at the monitor), God answered those prayers in a manner I didn’t expect.  

I only wanted to be safe.

God removed the entire situation.

As the nurse said he didn’t believe it, I was able to tell him that I knew it was because of prayer.

Now, I’ve no idea what he made of that.  Or any of the people whom I shared that story with afterwords, but I realized I had to tell them what He had done for me - and how He used my praying friends to once again help me through a scary place.

I don’t want my first response to be fear.  I truly don’t.

But I’m grateful that my second response was to reach out to the one who I knew could calm those fears.

I know better than to expect perfect solutions every time.  I know sometimes I need to learn the lesson that deals with what is happening in my life.

But this time?

Ah, this time, God met me in a way in which I could only rejoice in Him.

And, I need to tell you all the story, too.

And it causes me to wonder, do you have God stories that need to be shared?  Have things happened in your life that could only be from the hand of God?  Don’t hesitate to share them.

We all need to hear them.

One of my favorite songs on this topic.  

I Will Tell  by John and Cindy Bernd

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