In All These Things …

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I am well aware of my natural tendency to jump to the worst possible scenario.

I also know that, with Christ, it isn’t necessary for me to do so.

So - here I sit with new information.

Nothing horrible - just - well concerning and tiring.

It seems a small portion of my incision is not healing as well as it could be healing.  (To be honest, to me it looks pretty gross.)  It’s not infected, but we are using a topical med and keeping it bandaged.  Something I had hoped I’d be rid of by now.

There is also the possibility of a second surgery as the first surgery left some excess tissue and skin that is kind of painful for me.  During the surgery, they’d take the area that is not healing well, too - giving it another chance to heal properly.

I’m also supposed to reduce my pain meds.

Well.  It’s a bit to take in for the morning.

I want to say I’m just tired of all of this.  I had figured I’d be a lot better than I am right now - have more arm function back … and be back to what ever it is that passes for normal.

Ah - another lesson, eh, Lord?


My nemesis.

Baby steps - my gp tells me.

It takes time, my physical therapist informs me gently.

My surgeon?  Well, he just smiles and trusts God.

And I know that is what I must do.

Pains that feel like lightning bolts that shoot through my body?


An arm that feels like it tightens the more I try to exercise it?


All things I was not prepared for.

So, I head to the only place I know that does prepare me.


“But in all these things, we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

All these things.

Paul delineates: 







Or sword.

All these things.

Doesn’t leave much out, does it?  

And so, the Spirit gently prods me with God’s word.  I will overcome this.  And not only overcome … conquer.

We are MORE than conquers.

That means me … and you.

It sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes.  I’m so grateful that we need not depend on feelings - but rather, we can depend on God’s word to be true.


and forever.

Amen and amen

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