It’s All Holy Ground

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“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

This is a realization that has been a long time coming. 

As I was listening to a song on my playlist from a praise album I love, (mostly because I sang the songs in choir me self a long time ago), it stuck me. 

The lyrics were "We are standing on Holy ground."

When I was younger, I used to compartmentalism my God-life from my routine life. 

Church was God's house, and as my stepson once whispered to my late husband, "Is that the place they keep God?" 

I guess I thought so without realizing it. It is easy for me to live moments of my live without involving God - much as I regret that fact.

As God permeates my life more and more, I realize it is all Holy ground. Many don't honor it. Many desecrate it, but in truth, each place we stand or sit or walk is His.  This time, this moment this place is Holy when we invite Him, the one who stands at the door of our hearts and knocks, in to this moment. 

You can feel the sacredness. You want to take off your sandals, and kneel and pray to the name among all names. 

Perhaps it is my journey into gratitude that is opening my eyes. I'm not sure. 

But opening them He is. 

In pain?  It's still Holy ground. 

Feeling you can't endure another moment?

It's still Holy ground. 

Suffering loss after loss?

It is STILL holy ground. 

Anywhere we quiet our hearts to meet Him, brings us onto Holy Ground. 

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