It’s Okay - Or It Will Be

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And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

“It’s okay…..or it will be.”

That’s something I find I need to tell myself a lot.

My first tendency is to think things aren’t okay.

I get a twinge of a pain.

The phone rings at midnight.

Things look like they could go in a bad direction - or no direction at all.

Perhaps, I’m waiting for test results.

I still jump to the worse possible conclusion.

That’s so exhausting.

I am getting better though.

After that first jolt, I’m usually able to tell myself it’s okay - or it will be -  and take it before my God in prayer.

Not always.

But usually.

I’m learning to deal with imperfections.


My own.

Oh, especially my own!

I even tell myself it’s okay - or will be - when mistakes jump up and hit me in the face.

I tell myself it’s okay - or it will be , because I’m trying.

I used to have my husband around to tell me that everything was gonna be okay. He leveled me out on so many things.  It was such a relief to hear those words.

I’ve gone without that for nine months now - and I can’t say how much I miss that part of our relationship.

But now, I’m learning to say it for myself.

No matter what happens,

things are gonna be okay in the end.

And like that cliche says,

If it’s not okay?

It’s not the end yet.


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