Listening for God


My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; John 10:27

It seems one of my current lessons is to learn how to listen for God.

Not listening to God.

Listening for God.

It’s one thing to be hearing from God and not paying attention.

It’s another to learn to listen for Him in my life.

One of the things I have difficulties with is telling the difference between my own thoughts and God’s voice:

That still, quiet voice that speaks to me.

I’m learning that means I need to spend more time listening for God - and learning how to differentiate His voice from the seemingly thousands of others that call out to me.

Voices echoing my past.

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’ll only mess things up!”

“You don’t have the brains God gave a goose.”

“You could screw up a steel ball with a rubber hammer.”

I still hear them today.

I hone in on the shame, the regrets, the embarrassments, the anger directed at me, the fears inside.

Those I can hear quite well.

But God’s voice?

Sometimes I know - I just know something comes from Him.

Other times, I question.  Is this me?  Is this something from my past?  Is it a voice I need not heed? Is this simply from my rule-bound past?

And as I realize these things, I see so clearly how I need to learn to hear God’s voice - and I can only do that by listening.

If you are a mom, perhaps you will identify with this.

I was at a family gathering soon after my daughter was born.  As she was the newest member, she was being passed around for others to ooohh and ahhh over.  

She wasn’t the only baby there, but even though I was in another room - I knew it was my baby that had started to cry.

Out of all the little ones there, I honed in instantly on her voice and went to see what was wrong.

I knew her voice.

I need to know God’s voice that clearly.

I need to spend enough time with Him to learn His voice.  

I need to be able to toss out those other voices and respond to  only His.

I know this will be a time thing.  It won’t happen instantly.  (Though I wish it would!) And given my current health status, I do have time to listen.

I spend times doing other things, though.

I’m trying to learn a balance.  

I’m trying to learn exactly how to listen for Him.  How to quiet myself. 

I need to be able to pick out His voice above all others.

And I need to start now.


Are you able to discern God’s voice?  Do you have voices from your past that clamor for your attention and drown out the words you need to hear?  Have you figured out ways that work for you, to simply be still and listen for God’s voice?

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