Love Anyway

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I’ve had a challenging time emotionally since my 18-year-old son surreptitiously moved out a week ago.

I felt hurt.

I mean, I understand that all the caretaking takes it toll. 

I also realize how much I have walled myself off because along the way, I decided that people hurt you just as much as any chronic illness.

I found myself writing a litany of sorts in my journal.

People hurt you, leave you, abandon you, make fun of you, mock you, insult you, try to make you feel inferior, gloat over you, denigrate you, despise you, have you, ignore you, laugh at you, talk about you behind your back.

In bold letters I wrote:


And a quiet voice spoke inside of me.

“Love them anyway."

I realized that I’ve done the very same things.  I’ve done my share of each of the above at one time or another in my life. And you know what?

I’ve been forgiven for each thing I did.

The small voice spoke up again.

"I already paid the price.  Accept my sacrifice as payment in full for your sins”.

“You really did that for me, didn’t You?”


For all.

I found myself brought to tears.  God loves me (and you) so much that He is willing to forgive.  

I listed off those whom I had hurt and asked, “You forgive all of it?”

“Yes.  All.  Because you, deni, are my beloved child.  I made you - crafter of words, maker of beautiful things, I put all that in you.  And, I’ve gifted each of my children, though many don’t know it’s from me.

Many don’t even know me.

So, deni - you may be the only “me” they ever see.

No matter what they do …. Love them, anyway.

I did.

And I still do.

And He not only forgave me - He forgives You.

All you need do is ask.

And then …

love anyway.

He did.

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