More Love, More Power

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No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

There are times when I feel like a fraud.

Here I am, writing a blog about encouragement as if I have figured things out - figured out how to walk along side of chronic illness and learned enough to encourage you all as well.

Truth is, I’m down here in the trenches right along side of you.  

Yet, what I am doing is learning right along side of you.

As most everything else falls away, I am finding that at the core of it all is my relationship with Christ.

I get caught up with doing it “right.”

And I get discouraged because I can’t seem to do that exact thing.

Over and over, I come back to the place where I realize it is my relationship with Christ that matters.  The day-to-day, moment-to-moment relationship.

I begin to see more clearly what many of my favorite Christian writers speak of - how that relationship is truly all there is.

Oswald Chambers

Brother Lawrence

The author of “Soul Revolution," John Burke.

Trying to stay connected moment-by-moment.

I can fall so short in that.

So, I reread devotionals and books and begin to take the first steps:

Putting everything aside - yesterday, tomorrow, my fears, my anxieties - and simply sit with Him.

I tend to make it so much more difficult than it really is.

I admire those who have mastered the practice of continual conversation with Him throughout the day.

I’d like to blame my ADHD brain, which flits from one thing to another at a sometimes alarming rate, until my thoughts are far afield from the place I started.

But, I know that is not truly the case.

I’m learning to slowly bring myself back to focusing on here and now - with Christ at my side - as a constant companion.

I wish it was easier for me.

Yet, the discipline involved is no doubt good for me.

I wouldn’t cherish it if it were easy.

I think I’d take it for granted.

So, in these days when my body seems able to do less and less, I find the time for my heart and mind to do more and more.

More love.

More power.

More of Him in my heart.

This is an interesting video I found on YouTube which puts Michael Smith’s song, “More Love, More Power” to parts of the 2003 movie “The Gospel of John.”  For those of you who might need closed captioning, as I do, there is a small “CC” at the bottom right of the screen which can turn that option off and on.

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