More Than Conquerers

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But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.  Romans 8:37

I’ve not written for a long time now. And I want to excuse that by saying I’ve been too ill, too tired, too …. whatever (although the ill and tired are factual), rather than come out and say what is true.

And what is true?

I’ve allowed myself to become ensnared by our enemy - by doubt. By discouragement.  By helplessness. By fear.

While my health could be much better, it’s also true that I’ve allowed negativity to take root in my mind to an alarming degree.

My life needs revamping.

I’m trusting God for the steps I cannot yet see, and praising Him for the ones I can.

The book If by Mark Batterson has become very important to me.  Right now it’s a timely exposition of Romans 8.  

Romans 8 has been, and continues to be encouraging me, convicting me, stretching me.

I find myself looking squarely into the faces of doubt (Surely God didn’t say ….. from Genesis 3:1 - where sin began), discouragement (I can’t ….), hopelessness (it’s never going to get better, it only gets worse), and my old, old nemesis  … fear.

I’m amazed they loom so large.

How and when did they grow to such gigantic proportions?

Truth be told, I’ve been feeding them.  Feeding them with my thoughts and negativity.  And I find they feed off of each other.

I seem to be in a season of loss, much like the approaching winter, where God is removing one thing after another. Losing caretakers, seeing a looming financial crisis, becoming more and more dependent on others … who walk away leaving me nursing disappointment, resentment, and throwing huge pity parties for poor me.

I’m beginning to acknowledge my role in this.  As I read multiple books that share a continuous thread of trusting God, (If, Restless, Trust Without Borders), I realize I must either choose to continue to feed my negativity (yes, it’s a choice), or I can choose to starve them.  Deprive them of the negative thoughts and worldly focus that feeds them.  

I can smother them with God’s promises and truths.  

I can turn my back on them and REFUSE to dwell in shadows anymore.

I can turn back toward the light - His light - and reaffirm that while it may not be well with my body right now - It can be well with my soul.

And the problems I now face?

I can trust God will take care of them - all in His way and in His time.

If I am to be in the desert for now - if I am heading into the bleakness of winter - so be it.

I choose to live “as if” I am who God says I am - even if I don’t see it right now.

If God says we are more than conquerers - I must take Him at His word.

It can - now and always - be well with my soul.

Father God - I pray you encourage any and everyone who is struggling with feelings of doubt, discouragement and hopelessness that You are still in control even when our thoughts tell us otherwise.  Thank you, that even when Satan buffets and trials surround us, it can be well with our souls when we place them in Your hands.  Amen and amen.

It Is Well With My Soul:  Chris Tomlin

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