My Fervent Prayer - The Full Armor of God

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I often forget that this life is a spiritual battle.  Somehow, it seems so easy to believe in angels … but the enemy?  Not so much. 

It’s easy for me to focus on my health issues - the cancer, heart problems, my anxieties - and let those rule my thoughts.  Which is exactly, I believe, what the enemy wants.  Focus on the problems.  Not on the true cause of the problems in this world.

Reading the book Fervent has helped me to re-realize that this life IS a battle - and one we need not face alone.

The chapter two prayer focuses on our strength in the Lord.  I share my prayer here.  This was, once again, a very powerful experience for me, to write my prayer based on Scripture.


I pray you scatter my enemies.  

I pray I will live with your full armor … your truth, your righteousness, your peace, your faith, your salvation, and your word hide in my heart

I pray you teach me, guide me, enable me to use them wisely, completely dependent on your power, so that Satan cannot and will not wreak havoc in this house, this family, this hear, this day, and every day from here on.

Through you, Jesus, Satan is disarmed and embarrassed, overruled, mastered, rendered powerless, and his work destroyed.

I can walk in victory and claim what is rightfully mine as a child of the Most High God, Jehovah - Yahweh.  I pray I continually look to Jesus and lift up my eyes to the one who came to give me an abundant, joy filled life.

God, pull back the curtain of deception today and every day, so that I may see when Satan is behind each argument, frustration, anger, discord, falsehood, insecurity, fear, action and temptation.

Grant me the boldness to stand firm in the face of the enemy, using the tools you have given me and strengthen me by Your power.

Thank you that You are faithful and You will strengthen me and protect me and mine from the evil one.

Thank you that you have supplied me with the weapons of victory.  I confess my anger and frustrations that have been directed against the wrong people and the wrong things.  

Forgive me.

Grant me courage, discernment  patience, diligence, and focus in my thoughts, words, and deeds.

Help me to stand firm, for you are with me.

and, above all, LORD,  may I put on love.

Amen and amen.  So be it, in the name of and through the blood of Jesus Christ - Yeshua Adonai

(This was a challenging prayer for me to write. I borrowed heavily from the Fervent chapter for this prayer, as I could find no better way to express my heart.)

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