Revisiting: No Earthly Good

Have you ever wondered why I decide to revisit some of my devotionals?  To be honest, sometimes I feel that I just don't have it in me to write that day. I try to find a devotional that encourages me, and post that one, hoping it will encourage.  

On other days, like today, I know that no words are pouring forth because there is something that has already been written that is needed by someone, somewhere.  I search through my older posts until one jumps out at me.  Today, it is this one.


Sometimes, when I start to write my devotionals, I know exactly what I want to say.  Other times, it's a journey with an unknown destination.  This is one of those times.  All I have is the title.  "No Earthy Good."

"God?  Could I have more than the title?"


"I don't even know where to start!"

Within my self, I feel the words again.

"No Earthly Good."

"But that could mean so many things.  It could mean that there is nothing on this earth that is good besides You.  But ..."

I sit and wait.  I still have only the title.  I sit and think.

"Well, it could be that I sometimes feel like I am of no earthly good.  Not the way I am now, but ..."

I am stumped.  Maybe I need to write about something else.  Yet, I feel the strong pull of those title words.

I sit and stare at the title on this page.  What does it mean?  I go to my Bible search.  I type the words "no earthly good" into the search.  Thirteen verses come up.  I begin to read.

In the first verse from Genesis, God is calling His creation good.

In the second, Adam and Eve are cautioned about the tree of good and evil.  God is testing their obedience.

In Joshua 23, Joshua is about to die, yet encourages those he is to leave behind that every promise of God that was made to Him had been fulfilled.

How do these come together?  I still don't see a devotional here.

The next verses in Psalms talk about God's wisdom, righteousness, justice and love.

Verses in Jeremiah speak of how all nations on earth will one day recognize God's goodness.

Matthew?  Be the salt of the earth, yet don't set your mind on the earth - be heaven -minded.

In Acts - we see Gods, power. God made the heavens and the earth - turn from worthless things toward Him.

Ephesians - live according to God's words. He fulfills His promises.

Not many verses left and I'm still pretty lost - but an idea is forming.

In Colossians - not to live according to our "old " earthly nature - but according to God's words.

The last one.  Hebrews 13: 5.

Keep your live free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you" Never will I forsake you."

Suddenly it becomes clear.  Crystal clear.

You know those words.  "No earthly good"?  You might have said it about things in your life.  Perhaps you have even said it about another person, or about yourself.  The sentiment behind it seems to be that is something is of no earthly good - it is to be discarded.  Perhaps in the sense of our not living according to the values of this world 

Yet, I see something else in all of those words.  I see God declaring our value to Him. We are so valuable that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

So those words that were whispered into my ear?

Those words I have stared at and wrestled with and felt confounded over?

They don't apply to us.

God never ever says that about us.  

He says we are valuable.  He says we are of infinite worth.  He declares us to be His.

My encouragement for today?

Well, all I can say is that if, today - right now - you are feeling as if you are of no earthly good ...

It's a lie.

Father God, Thank you that you can take a simple phrase, and bring such truth to the understanding of it: that you that you know our time here is short - that we are not to be taken in by the values of our fallen world.  Yet, there is still good in this world as long as those who love you inhabit this earth.  We are to set our minds on heaven - but while we are here?  We are still "of earthly good" as we focus on Him.  Amen and amen


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