Our Greatest Truth

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It has been challenging for me to write lately. 

I tell myself it is because I have nothing to say. 

I tell myself it is because I hurt too much, that I am too tired. 

I tell myself it is because God is being silent right now and that I'd only be writing from my own perspective and not point to God, which is my ultimate goal in all I write. 

I can find many excuses -- ummmm -- reasons. (Sounds better than excuses!)

Truth be told, these are exactly the right circumstances for me to be writing as long as I physically can. 

Amidst the pain, the fatigue, and the feelings hopelessness is found the need to search God out even more diligently. 

This is where my faith can stretch and grow. 

This is precisely where I can find God - in the midst of pain. 

I can find God in the midst of fatigue. 

I can find He who is the only one who can bring hope to these hopeless times. 

And I can point you to Him even now. 

Especially now. 

I can point towards Him because He is the only worthwhile goal there is. 

And those feelings that tell me I have nothing left to say?

Those feelings do not reflect the truth. 

The truth is that He is wherever we are. 

I can never tell you that often enough. 

So my beloved readers, the truth is that He is with you in the midst of pain, in the midst of fatigue, in the midst of deep feelings of hopelessness. 

He is with you right now, whether your feelings say otherwise. 

The feelings?

Those can be lies. 

But He is always, always, always our greatest Truth. 

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