Peace?  Really?  


The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:7

This is one of the verses I have known since early on in my Christian walk.  It’s become rote for me.  I can quote it easily.  

I know there are times I have felt that peace.  The strongest memory I have of that peace is the night my daughter was killed.  We received a midnight call saying she had been stabbed - no more details.

All I could pray as we drove toward her home and then the hospital was, “Thy will be done.”

There was a strange calm that surrounded me. I knew that, in most likelihood, she had been taken from us - a fact that wasn’t confirmed till many hours later.

But, I remember the peace I felt during that drive.

Today, when I read that verse, what struck me was that we were not given peace just in our hearts - or just in our minds - but rather both.

My heart and my mind can often be in conflict with each other.

Yet, to have peace in both my heart AND my mind …?

That truly does transcend all understanding - particularly when the circumstances around us seem to be crumbling for whatever reason and logic tells us there is no way around the pain.

Paul tells us that God would have us not worry - but pray.  Ask and be thankful for all He has done.

Then - and only then - will that peace descend.

What I am finding interesting about Scripture is that God responds to my actions.  

When I give up worry for prayer, when I ask and give thanks - God responds.  And He responds in ways beyond that which we can understand.

Right now, today - I cry out for that peace.

Yet, I must remain confident He will hear me.  I must sink to my knees (at least in my mind!) and pray.  Thankfulness for who He is and what He has done needs to be expressed.

And then?

Well, then, I can trust His promise that the peace He promises will descend upon me.  I will know that peace intimately.  I will miss it when it’s not there.

That verse is really a call to action.

I can’t sit and worry and fret, talk to everyone else except Him, complain about where I am and what is happening - and expect to find peace.

It’s really something for me to think about. What I am doing (or not doing) to allow me to experience God’s peace?

If I do my part, God promises to do His.

Father God, thank you that you care about the state of our hearts and minds, that you desire peace for us.  And thank you that you have provided the means for us to find that peace - a peace found only in You.  Amen and amen.

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