Pointing At God

It is so easy to play the blame game. Who do you point to when problems arise … and what do you say?


Come and hear, all you who reverently and worshipfully fear God, and I will declare what He has done for me! Psalm 66:16

"He did it."

"No …. SHE did it!!"

"I did not!"

"Well, I didn't do it!"

"It's his fault!  He did it!"

Anyone who has kids will recognize the above exchange.

We, as humans are so good at blaming - at dodging responsibility.  We start as kids and  carry it on into adulthood.

I think we often excel at blaming God.  

You hear this so often after a tragedy of some sort. People point to God and question:

"Why would God let ( or make) this happen?"

"How can there even be a God?"

There is another type of finger pointing we engage in too.

There are those who face tragedies, illnesses, pain, and sorrow and point to God.

But these people point to God and say,

"He did it.  He got me through it all."


"He is doing it through me."


"I couldn't do it without Him."

I know that sometimes people misunderstand my blog.

They can read the first section, which is usually about the problems I am facing, the feelings I have, where I am before God steps in.

Then, I try to point back to God.


Because I truly believe that God is the  only true way to deal with physical and emotional pain.

This blog is not about hiding that pain, or pretending it doesn't exist.  It's about sharing the challenges and pointing to God.  

The only way I have gotten through my illnesses, my daughter's murder, my husband's death is to bring them to the feet of my Lord and Savior.  He is the one who heals.

And how can I share His healing, His teaching and leading if I don't share the pain that drives me to Him?

I've had people thank me for my honesty.  It's a given for me that I can be nothing else but honest in my posts.

I've had people chastise me (in a nice way), wondering why I talk about the difficulties I have.  I "should" be beyond them now.  Why am I focusing on the negatives?  

Because, they are still there.  No - not the way they were before, but they are there and real and I deal with them.  And, I deal with them by giving them to God. And God brings me through - each and every time.

And then, I write them down and pray that the words are read the way they are intended and that they do what I pray they will do.

Point each of you to God.

Because  …

He did it.

Father God, I pray that you will, in your grace and mercy, allow each reader to truly see God in these words.  May they see the signposts in their life that point to You, so that they, too, will be able to say, "He did it!"  Amen and amen.


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