Positively Fun


Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  (Philippians 4:8 NIV) 

One thing I truly believe is that the way we think – what we think – profoundly affects how we feel and our outlook on life. Sometimes this gets reinforced in the strangest ways.  

With all the time I spend at home, I have to find things to occupy my time.  As there seems to be a high incidence of Alzheimer’s in my family, I want to do all I can to keep my mind working well. Sitting and watching TV is nowhere near the life I used to live when I had to read a lot to keep current with my occupation and loved taking classes – just for the love of learning.

I end up scouring the internet finding “brain games” and puzzles that will keep my mind occupied and hard at work.  Yesterday I found an intriguing (mostly free) site that had what looked like interesting games – so I tried one of them.

The concept was pretty simple.  Words, surrounded by bubbles were shot out of cannons and there was a time limit on clicking on them.  The goal?  Only click on the positive words.  While a mixture of negative and positives were shot out with increasing rapidity, I found my self focusing intently on finding the positive ones:  hope, joy, excitement, happiness, love, and many others.  Somehow it was strangely satisfying to pop those bubbles as the negative ones  - hate, despair, sadness, envy, greed, swirled down to the bottom and disappeared into what could have been a black hole.

The interesting thing was that when I was done, I felt better.  I even found myself giggling a bit. It was as if I absorbed some of those feelings as I focused on them.  

I was reminded once again of the importance of what we focus on.  Trying to stay positive while walking a difficult path is not easy.  But what a simple little tool to lift my mood I had found!  Doing this five-minute exercise helped me feel so much better!  If a little exercise like that can make such a difference, how much more it would help me to make a diligent, day-by-day effort to focus on the positive and let the negatives go swirling down the drain!

I in no way get any compensation for recommending this site  (You might have to sign up for it) and I don’t know about the other games – but this one just might give you the boost you need when you are feeling down as it forces you to focus on the good things!  If you give it a try - let me know what you think!

Father God, Thank you that you provide for us in so many ways. Help us to focus on the good that surrounds us and that we can find good even in a computer game!  Amen and amen.

(A click on the picture should take you to the site as well.  If you can't access it, let me know and I'll send you the url.)


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