Do Not Fret

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I’ve recently read about the concept of “slow blogging.”  Jumping off the treadmill and posting when you have something to say.

Makes sense.

I realize I’ve already taken that jump - out of necessity.

But somehow it gave me permission to do so, as I read of others who can’t keep up the pace of everyday blogging.  My hat is off to many of my favorite bloggers who have managed to do so - and who have sent out quality work every day.  (Ann Voskamp comes to mind.)

I’m finding that God is using different ways to encourage me lately.

It’s not a surprise to most anyone that one of my loves is writing - and the other is art.

Somehow writing seemed more purposeful - more Godly - than messing around with artwork.

But I find that God often gives me a tidbit to chew on - and if I make an piece of artwork containing that phrase - it sticks in my mind.  

Sometimes I post them by my bed where I can see them.

My newest one (see picture above) is from Psalm 37:8 - where God tells us not to fret.

There is a lot that would be easy to fret about lately.

Not just my own health - but tragedies in the lives of friends, fellow believers, and the way our world is turning upside-down.

I’m realizing I can almost drown in these circumstances - or I can give them over to God.

Lately, I’ve been doing a LOT of that.  Big things … little things … seemingly impossible things.

It is as if God is telling me over and over, “Don’t fret, deni.  I’ve already got it covered.”  And, then it is up to me to leave it where it belongs, with Him.

It’s not easy.

But it’s helping me through these oh-so-challenging days.

I’ve also realized that part of why I shy away from my artwork is that I don’t see it as purposeful.  I figure that when I die, my kids will no doubt just toss out my artwork without much thought.  I know my own mom left many canvases behind her that are only looked at once in a while.

I’ve always felt God meant something more than that for my work.  I might be wrong.

I saw a neat thing on Pinterest the other day that got me inspired to continue to create.

I’m offering my creations to you all.

Now, I’ve NO idea if anyone will actually want these.  But I want to share.

When I post one of my creations, I’ll give you download links to print out either an 8 x 10, a 6 x 4, or a sheet of small 2.5 x 3.5 cards you can print. Free. No charge.  A gift from God to me to you, if one speaks to you. Just follow the link below to download to your computer and do with as you wish.

I’d suggest that if you want it to look “real” - you print out on heavier paper such as water color paper or cardstock.   I can barely tell the difference between a full size print and my original work on my watercolor paper.

I’m having fun and  hopefully, adding to your life now and again through words and artwork.

So, blessings …

and remember - don’t fret …

God has it covered and fretting only makes things worse.


“Do Not Fret” 8 x 10 download, 4 x 6 download, encouragement card-sized multi printout, or a combined set

(If there is a particular verse you’d like to see turned into my style of work - just drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.  No promises - but maybe …..) J

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