Strengthen What Remains

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Wake up! Strengthen what remains ... Revelation 3:2

I hope you were able to watch yesterday’s video post Awake My Soul.  That video has triggered so much in me that I want to write about.  (If you’ve not seen the video, you can find it HERE and the verses spoken HERE.)

Toward the end of the video the words, “Strengthen what remains …” were spoken.

Those words spoke volumes to me.  I found myself nodding my head in agreement.  Yes.  Strengthen what remains.

I’ll admit to many losses in my life - yet, much remains, when I stop to really think about it.  

It takes a lot for me to focus on those things, as the losses come to mind so much more readily.

Though many of my body systems don’t work quite as they should - many still do.  And, I can learn to compensate for those that don’t.

I may get exercise fatigue - but there are still bed and chair exercises I can do.  I have to pay careful attention so as to not overdo - but I can strengthen my body.

I can strengthen my spirit - if I focus on God working in me.

Right now, listening to audio books helps me the most.  Videos, like yesterdays, speak to my heart.  Music.  My index card file of verses that I don’t want to forget.

So rather than focus on my losses, on the trials, on the challenges, I come humbly to God and ask Him to strengthen what remains in me - and I remain open to the creative means He will use.

It’s rather freeing - and kind of exciting.

How will God answer this?  What will He show me?  

One of the hard places for me is when I start feeling useless - and helpless.  Hopelessness soon follows.

But, here is my Lord telling me that He is able to work with what remains in my physical body and in my heart and in my wandering and sometimes muddled mind.

I love it.

I love how God meets us where we are - not expecting perfection and knowing we cannot do what we could before - but with love tells us:

“Strengthen what remains.”

So, I’d ask you today to stop and look at what all you do have that remains - even after your chronic challenges and illnesses.  What can God continue to strengthen in you?

All we need do is become willing.

Then He will do the rest.

Father God, What an amazing God You are.  I love how you choose to teach us so individually - through a song or a video or through your words.  You make yourself manifest to us.  You let us know how much you love us and that we are not going through all of these trials alone - but with You at our side.  And, I pray for each one reading these words, Lord - that you will show them exactly how they can strengthen what remains in them.  Grant encouragement, and perseverance, and joy.  Help us to finish this race with our heads held as high as we can hold them, knowing we ran this race for You.  Amen and amen. 

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