The Impossible Places

I don’t know about you, but rock climbing isn’t on my bucket list.  Never has been.  

When I watch people, like the gal in the photo, who can maneuver on sheer cliffs, using fingers and toes, I am in awe.

I also wonder why they aren’t scared to pieces.

I’m realizing my life looks rather akin to one of those precipices right now.

Just as if I were suddenly whooshed away and found myself clinging to the side of a steep stark embankment, I see no way to go.  I’m fairly frozen in place.

As I talked on the phone today to one of the places in our state that helps guide folks through financial and situational challenges, I found myself panicking about all the documentation I need to find, and all the calls I still need to make, and … and … and…

And I felt my heart begin to go into overdrive.  The rate went way up.  I felt pounding skipped beats.

But once again, I did something new for me.  Something completely different.  I stopped what I was doing and reached for my journal.

“Help me, Lord,” I wrote.  “Holy Spirit, help me.  Calm me.  You are within me.  (The realizations I’m having about the Holy Spirit are a whole ‘nother post, but thank you, Charles Stanley!)

And I got out my Bible, not knowing where to go.  So, I went to the index and just started looking.  

Bible Prayers, O.T. caught my eye.  I’ve heard praying written prayers back to God is helpful.  But, OCD that I am, I went to the introduction to the reference chains and read the blurb describing Old Testament prayers, first. 


It was in Habakkuk.

Habakkuk 3, actually, which contains some of my favorite verses.

I was drawn to the last verse.

"The Lord is my strength.  And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet and makes me walk on my high places.”  Habakkuk 3:10

The first sentence grabbed me.  Yep.  I’ve been trying to do it on my own.  I thought that was where I was being led.  After I read it, I grabbed an index card and wrote it for my file.

As I was reading, I realized something new.  The verb tenses.

“And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet."

“Has made."

He’s already done it.

I’m equipped.  He’s equipped me.

“And makes me  

It is accomplished through Him. Having the feet is not enough - I need His enabling to make the journey across MY high places.  The ones chosen for me.

Am I calmer?


Was I guided to what I needed?  

You betcha!

God knows I’m up here on these scary high places.  Places I hate.  But, He’s already prepared me with all I need to traverse them.

And He is giving me HIS strength to do it.

No, answers haven’t fallen out of the sky.


But I am calmer - and gaining confidence as I lean into Him.

The God of the impossible places.

The God who bids me to wait and see what He will do.

 © deni weber 2010-2015