The In-Between Days

We praise Him on the good days.  We look to Him in the storm.  But what about the in-between days?  Is God always with us?


and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

It's not a mountain-top experience day.

It's not a valley day, either.

It's a rainy, sunless day in Indiana.  (We've had a lot of those lately.)

I'm late in my morning routine.

It's almost four in the afternoon and I've not yet done all my devotional time.

These are the days I can get discouraged.

I like the mountain top days so much better.

Now, we are back to business as usual.


And it's "almost" for several reasons.

One is that it is a day without my husband.

It's also a day I need to stay inside as my allergies flare.

It's the day after a bad spasm episode that kept me from sleeping well.

So … almost business as usual.

But there is another 'almost.'

It's not business as usual because I am realizing just how close I am to God now.

There were so many days when I felt so far away from God.  I've read that we all must have our wilderness experiences - that those times are times of testing and creating our endurance and perseverance.

I feel as if I have passed over a deep, deep chasm on a very flimsy rope bridge - and have my feet on solid ground - at least for the moment.

It feels good to feel this way.

I've no clue what lies ahead for myself or for my family.

I know we have faced a lot of challenges and will no doubt continue to face them.

Perhaps it is the calm before the storm.  I truly don't know.

What I do know is that God has seen us through each and every storm, even when the outcomes was not of our choosing.

God has been there.

Yes, that is the difference in today.

I know God is here.

It has taken so much to get me to this point.  I'd have hoped I was a quicker learner!  Yet, I seem not to be.

I am finally learning that the answer to every question, 

the solution to every problem,  

and the reason for the peace even when it hurts

is God.

The answer is always 


Father God, Sometimes I want to fall face down at Your feet and praise You and thank You for never leaving my side. I know there have been times I believed that you had left me, that for whatever reason, I didn't deserve Your loving care.  Thank You that You have brought me through those times and given me the confidence that, indeed, You are always, always, there. Amen and amen.


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