The Most Important Words of All

Have you ever felt regret over words said or words left unsaid, after it was to late to say them?  Have you learned the most important words of all? God has set the example for us through His never-ending love and forgiveness - it is up to us to pass it on.

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Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Some lessons are lessons we learn too late.

Some lessons are learned too late to say, "Forgive me."

Some lessons are learned too late to say, "I forgive you."

Some lessons are learned too late for "I love you" to be heard.

Perhaps this is, in and of itself, a lesson.

A lesson in learning to say, "Forgive me."

A lesson in learning to say, "I forgive you."

A lesson in learning to say, each and every day, "I love you."

I remember when my daughter died.  I was so glad I had hugged her goodnight the evening she was killed.  I had told her I was proud of her.  I have that memory to hold on to now.

I also remember telling everyone I knew, "Go hug your kids, cuz you never know."

Once again, I find myself wanting to tell everyone I know (You included!), to say to those in your life the words that you will regret if left unsaid.

"Forgive me."

"I forgive you."

"I love you."

Then you will never, ever need to feel that you learned the lesson too late.

Please, learn it now.

Father God, there are so many lessons to be learned in this lifetime.  Help us to keep love and forgiveness at the top of our "learned lessons" list, and help us to remember that Your love, passed on, covers a multitude of sins. Amen and amen.


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