Revisiting: The Old Days (no pun intended)

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Do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?"  For it is not wise to ask such questions."  Ecclesiastes 7:10

Every so often I stop and think about the way my body used to function.  Where I am now is a far cry from being the competitive dance/figure skater I once was.  

My physical therapists words echo in my mind.  "We have to get you moving.  Things are locking up.  You have to move as much as you can."

He has given me passive exercises that someone needs to help me with as I can't do some of the stretches by myself.  I have other exercises I can do sitting in my chair.

"You have to move."

Such strange words to hear.  All I did when I was skating was move.  The exercises I have to do now look almost worthless to me when I compare them to the movements my body was once able to make.

I realize the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 7:10.

How easy it is to get bitter and angry - to resent where I am now - to long for those far away days.

What a set-up for depression!

So no, it is not wise for me to compare now to then.

Now is where I live.  Now is where I need to stay.

Sitting and dreaming about what once was stops me from doing the things I need to be doing. 

It ruins my mood.

It stops me from seeing the progress than I can be making.

Yes, they are teeny, tiny baby steps.  But they are steps that will only benefit me - not bring me sorrow the way looking back does.

And those exercises?  Those silly little exercises that seem so inconsequential? I need to be doing them.  Now.

Father God, Thank you for the wisdom in Your words.  Help each of us to maintain focus on the areas that will help us and not hinder us.  Help us to be wise in the way we use our minds - on the things we dwell on.  Help us to look forever to You, hoping for the future, but living in now.  Amen and amen.


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