The Winds of Change


I watched several videos this morning that showed the madness of Black Friday.  I saw fights over material goods, people yelling and screaming, fighting guards to be one of the first in the store.

I felt sad.  It was as if I saw greed personified. 

I watched a video of a tsunami hitting a beach already littered with dead bodies.

I felt as if I saw how fragile life is and how destructive our world can become.

Another friend shared an article about a young couple who built a tiny, tiny home on wheels and live (happily) with the barest of necessities.

And I ask myself, this morning, what is really important? What is really necessary?

I sit in my expensive lift chair (I know many with chronic illnesses cannot afford them), drink my nice, hot, honey tea with fresh lemon and ginger it in, my medication case next to me (filled with rather expensive medications), my iPhone at my side, and look around my home.

It’s not new.  In fact parts of it were built back in the 1850’s.  It is truly the house that Jack built - our very own crooked little house.  Yet, it has expanded to meet each and every need that we and the others before us had.

We have a big screen TV now.  We have a new SUV to be able to tote my new power chair along with us.

I hear the sounds of my two adopted children, as they play a game together, each on their own computer.

And, I realize again, how much God has blessed me. 

Yet, how much is necessary?  How much is out of my own greed?  How much of what God has gifted to me do I share?

This is not meant to be a guilt-inducing post.

Instead, it is a-self reflective one.

How am I going to pass on what God has given me to share, be it monetary, my many possessions (many of which I don’t use), or spiritual growth, or any of the talents He has placed within this body.


I see challenges in the offing.

I feel a year of change coming on.

I know it has already started.  I can feel the stirrings inside of me.  

Maybe, it is from getting older.  Wanting to simplify.  Seeing the need for less.

Maybe, it is God nudging me that it is time to begin to truly give back from His blessings.

Maybe, some of it is from guilt, knowing I have much and others have little.

I’m not exactly sure.  Probably all three.

I only know I feel the winds of change.

I pray I heed them.

Do you feel God nudging you to make changes in your life?  How easy is it for you to heed them?  Are there things you need to share this year?  Things you need to let go of?  Things you need to change with His help?  

Do you, too, feel the winds of change?

“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. John 15:12

How will you show that love today?

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